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Wakum Mata!
Politcally Incorrect Musings
An overdue update on the trip and collegium 
2nd-Apr-2006 11:00 am

Last weekend we drove to Monterey, CA to attend my brother's wedding. I was the best man and that was pretty cool. It was a 2000 mile round trip! 16 hours one way.

That was the longest single day drive we have taken with Linnet. She did great but by the time we got home we were all tired and cranky. To be expected I guess. I didn't have enough vacation time so I had to work 11 hours days on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. I also worked 9 to 10 hour days Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of the previous week. The night before we left, Linnet was goofing off on her chair and did a face plant into the tile floor in the kitchen. Really bad bonk and was especially bad since she was going to be the flower girl. We decided to take her to the emergency room since it was such a hard smack and a dark bruise formed immediately. Ice pack and rush off to spend two hours waiting in the e-room. We didn't know the e-room procedures (we didn't turn in a slip of paper) so we never got to see the doctor. We just waited. She didn't act funny or out of ordinary. We decided she was okay and we left. We got home after 10:00PM and started packing. I didn't get to bed until about 1:00 am. We planned on leaving at 8:00. We didn't depart until 9:00. We started the trip tired so Linnet and scribe_ari slept most of the way. I drank large amounts of caffiene. Her bruise was almost completely gone by Saturday.

This weekend was Atenveldt's Arts and Science Collegium. We had a house full of people! My office, scribe_ari's office and the living room all had people staying in them. I am just so tired! I did all the cooking (except for scribe_ari making her excellent drunken potroast). I made my Pakistani Chicken for Friday night's dinner and cooked breakfast on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday was also a birthday party for scribe_ari and raventhorne. I made a German chocolate cake and a yellow cake with lemon frosting. I think the German Chocolate cake mix was old because it didn't rise like it should have. I had a choice of two boxes and chose the wrong one. It tasted okay, though. We were originally going to have almond poppy seed but weavels had gotten to it so I opted for the yellow cake. It was also old (discolored) and had a hole in the bag. BLEH! So off to the store for more cake mix. While there I bought some fun candles that were twisted into a corkscrew. So fun! And I got a really annoying candle that plays Happy Birthday. I got dirty looks for that. Heh heh heh. I went through the pantry and threw out anything that I could not find an expiration date on or that had expired.

I made the chocolate cake and started to lay down the frosting, but it had gone bad. The first tub was okay, but the other coconut pecan frosting was definitely old. It had turned VERY dark and tasted, no kidding, like motoroil. I also decided that I didn't have enough frosting for the yellow cake. Back to the store for more frosting and I also got another couple of nine-inch cake pans. I was having to wait on the first cake to finish cooking completely before I could start the next. So time consuming! I was very frustrated at this point. I was still tired from the trip, long work hours, and had a horrible time with the most basic of cakes. I was not really interested in a house full of people I needed to host. I was ready to retreat and go to bed. I knew, however, that if I just stayed, a house full of friends would energize me and I'd likely have fun. I was right. I wasn't even tired until my regular bedtime.

I made the lemon frosting by taking "classic white" frosting and mixing it with four teaspoons of lemon extract. It was a big hit. I was worried that it wasn't lemony enough. Everyone thought it was fine.

Today, everyone is back off to the collegium and Linnet and I are watching Naussica and eating chips and bean dip. This afternoon, we are BOTH taking naps. [yawn] [stretch]
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