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Wakum Mata!
Politcally Incorrect Musings
Rebuttal to my rebuttal 
22nd-Mar-2006 08:42 am
I thought I could resist, but I couldn't! I'll take the bait! :) I
hope you take it in the spirit of debate that it is meant.
- Eric
[edit: not that Eric. The other Eric.]

Rebuttal to the rebuttal...

At 03:17 PM 3/21/2006, Xxxx Yyyyyy wrote:
>My rebuttal...
>Democrat-to-English dictionary for those who've been having
>trouble recently in deciphering speeches and news reports:
>* alternative energy sources /n./ Energy policies that reduce American
>global competitiveness and gouge the consumer.

Um, your pals the big oil companies are reporting record profits.

>* at-home mom /n./ 1. A caring woman who ensures that her children
>receive the best possible care and nurturing. 2. Woman who is
>denigrated by liberals for having the hardest job and does not receive
>a paycheck that can be taxed.

I'd be curious as to any liberal source who denigrated an at-home mom.

>* bankruptcy /n./ The result of liberal policies set forth with no
>financial oversite.

Fortunately, your pals the republicans made it almost impossible for
individuals to declare bankruptcy while their friends the corporation
can stick it to creditors (ie banks/taxpayers) with business as usual.

>* class warfare /n./ The result of the Democrat's social policies when
>trying to penalize success.

Are you saying that we should not have an inverted tax structure or
just that we should not close tax evasion loopholes for corporations
or wealthy individuals?

>* climate change /n./ Progress toward the blessed day when the blue
>states are swallowed by the oceans.

Or just use the Supreme Court to steal an election if you don't like
the results.

>* Clinton, Hillary /n./ The greater of two evils and the Clinton that
>should have been investigated.

Why? Because she is female or because she has opinions that differ
from the Young Republicans?

>* compassionate conservatism /n./ Poignant concern for those needing
>assitance during financial hard times, even if they are Democrats.

Besides, with "faith based initiatives" the government can now
officially sponsor churches that it agrees with and bypass all that
secular government stuff like non-descriminatory hiring practices.

>* constitution /n./ Toiletpaper for Democrats.

How do you figure? Can you say "warrantless searches",
"extraordinary rendition", "DMCA", "Patriot Act", "secret TSA travel
lists", "bypassing the FISA court"? Sure. I knew you
could. Granted, that the Democrats have been absolutely worthless is
trying to defend the constitution from Dubya and the Republicans from
wiping their ass with the Bill of Rights so I guess they are complicit.

>* evolution, theory of /n./ Secular-science propaganda designed to
>eliminate faith or belief in any power greater than The State.

You are kidding, right? I would not have thought that anyone with
even a minimal training in science and the scientific method would
confuse science and religion. Tell me that this was just a cut and
paste job from the Rush Limbaugh site!

>* extraordinary rendition /n./ 1. Prevention of terrorism by removing
>terrorists from their support base. 2. Switching parties from Democrat
>to Republican.

See above references to republican wiping ass with bill of rights.

>* faith /n./ The belief in a power greater than The State.

Or belief in something that you know ain't so.

>* free markets /n./ Government economic policy that supports
>capitalism and allows business to compete fairly by elimination of
>socialist agendas.

Great examples throughout history of capitalism run amok. See "Stock
Market Crash", "Depression", "Robber Barons", "National Highway
System", "Savings and Loan Failures".

>* girly-men /n./ The result of enacting policies requiring
>feminist-designed sensitivity training.

Would not argue with you on that one.

>* God /n./ Senior presidential adviser.

If that does not scare the hell out of you, it should! This would be
the same advisor purportedly advising David Koresh, Pat Robertson and
Andrea Yates?

>* growth /n./ 1. What happens when the government cuts taxes. 2. What
>happens to the Republican party when policy is made according to Definition 1.

I guess you mean a growth in the gap between the wealthy and the rest of us?

>* healthy forest /n./ Sustainable forest development and management as
>opposed to prevention of any clearing of deadwood, underbrush and
>diseased trees resulting in devestating fires.

Sure. "Healthy development" such as allowing wealthy ranchers to use
public parkland for free to graze their herds or clear cutting old
growth forests. Perhaps strip mining some public park land would
clear the deadwood, underbrush and diseased trees? It would
certainly prevent those devastating fires!

>* honesty /n./ The property of being truthful and not shared by major
>media or top ranked Democrats.

You mean like Saddam Hussains Weapons of Mass Destruction? Or how
about the link between Al-quieda and Saddam Hussain? Those lies were
used to justify the most abhorrent military adventurism since the
Spanish American War.

>* House of Representatives /n./ Exclusive club due to the result of
>liberal policies restricting free speech; entry fee: $1 million to $5
>million (See: Senate).

The last I heard, the Republicans outspent the Democrats by a margin
of about 3 to 1.

>* insanity /n./ Pulling out of the Iraq war before stability and
>autonomy is achieved.

Getting into Iraq in the first place. See reference to honesty.

>* laziness /n./ When the poor are not working.

Or the voters are not paying attention to what their elected
representatives are doing.

>* leisure time /n./ Time off deserved after working hard.

Like Dubyas famous continuous vacations to Crawford?

>* liberal(s) /n./ Followers of the Antichrist.

That comment is about as scary as calling countries "axis of
evil". Was this another cut and paste job from the Rush Limbaugh site?

>* No Child Left Behind /riff./ 1. Educational policy to ensure that
>all US children have a complete and well rounded education and are not
>indoctrinated with socialist propaganda.

You mean like actually teaching science in science class and leaving
the religous teaching to religous institutions?

>* ownership society /n./ An American public policy based on individual
>liberty, limited government, free markets and peaceful international
>relations as opposed to the Democrat vision of The State owning

As opposed to our friends at Halliburton and Exxon corporation?

>* Patriot Act /n./ 1. Pre-emptive strike on American enemies to prevent
>the terrorists from destroying our freedoms. 2. The act of voting Republican.

See previous section on wiping your ass with the constituion. So we
will destroy our freedoms to protect out freedoms? Think about it!

>* Pelosi, Nancy /n./ Hypocritical House Democrat Minority Leader that
>decries the contributions of Abramoff to Republicans while having
>taken money from Abramoff clients herself, according to FEC filings.

The stench from Abramoff was pretty far reaching. Republicans don't
have a monopoly on graft.

>* pro-choice /adj./ Devaluing human life in favor of sexual freedom
>without consequence or responsibility.

Besides, rape victims probably deserved it!

>* Senate /n./ Exclusive club due to the result of liberal policies
>restricting free speech; entry fee: $10 million to $30 million (See:

See section of Republican expenditures vs Democrat.

>* simplify /v./ To cut the taxes of all persons an allow easier tax
>filing resulting in more tax revenue. This policy is at odds with the
>establishment of class warfare.

Besides, that is what tax accountants are for!

>* staying the course /interj./slang./ Continuance of defending
>democracy and empowerment of people seeking freedom.

Like invading oil rich countries based upon lies?

>* stuff happens /interj./slang./ Excuse used by Democrats when caught
>molesting their interns.

As opposed to selling their votes/power to corporate lobbyists.

>* voter fraud /n./ A complaint by Democrats when the election results
>don't favor them.

Besides, using Diebold voting machines will eliminate "incorrect"
votes such as those who don't vote republican.

Thanks Eric! You give good fodder!
22nd-Mar-2006 03:49 pm (UTC)
Good God Mark...Use an LJ cut please!!!
22nd-Mar-2006 05:08 pm (UTC)
Sorry... forgot. I just noticed.
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