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Wakum Mata!
Politcally Incorrect Musings
In the news 
2nd-Feb-2006 10:04 am
Stem Cell Transplant Fights Lupus
I used to date a gal in college that had Lupus. Not a fun disease. The neat thing about this is that the stem cells come from the blood of the patient and not some foreign-protein-laden fetus-based cells. The body won't reject them and a human life wasn't destroyed for it. (No, I am not PC. See my user info. Duh.)

Amniotic proteins may spot pregnancy complications
So far my baby looks to be okay. NOT THAT I HAVE SEEN HIM/HER!!!

The open-source programmer who means business
An interview with Alan Cox, the author of the Linux kernel networking code. This following tidbit explains why there is so much trouble with companies like Sony and the use of Digital Rights Management (DRM):
"There needs to be a clear understanding of what's allowed--a computer is private property, but we don't know what this means legally."

Nyxem worm poised to wreak havoc
The latest round of attacks on Microsoft's insecure operating system will delete your files on February 3 (TOMORROW!). "The Nyxem.E worm, also called 'Blackworm', 'Mywife', 'Karma Sutra' or 'Blackmal', that is due to start destroying computer files on Friday 3 February. Nyxem.E is one of the most destructive worms in recent memory and could erase all Word, PowerPoint and Excel files on affected computers when it activates tomorrow."

Why Santa transforms our solar system
A new space object beyond the orbit of Pluto, officially known as 2003 UB313, but nicknamed Santa, or Xena, or Rudolph (depending on which scientist you ask) is larger than Pluto. Will Pluto be downgraded from its controversial planet status or will 2003 UB313 be the 10th planet?

Burger King to go public
Soon you can own Burger King instead of just eating there.

MSFT: Our DRM licensing is there to eliminate hobbyists and little guys
Microsoft wants control of your computer and deny you standardization. Standardization means they they wouldn't have control of your media. And people are worried about wiretaps from the government? How about a convicted monoply controlling what you can see, hear, play, browse, post, and email?

The Consumer Is Not In Control
Microsoft Vista is gonna be U-G-L-Y and DRM is the reason why. "In the short term, Vista will "protect" video content through driver revocation: Whenever the DRM in a particular model of graphics card is cracked, a security update will disable that card's driver. Anyone who happens to be using the same type of graphics card as a DRM hacker will be left in the dark until a new driver can be written and certified as DRM-compliant." So this means that some jackass in Russia, Mexico, or Taiwan, who cracks Vista's DRM will have an affect on EVERYONE who owns that make and model of video card. Your automatic security updates will revoke your video driver and punish you for what someone else did. Your beautiful 1400x1200 with 32 million colors resolution is now reduced to 800x600 with 256 color VESA standard or might even be blacked out entirely. All this inconvenience because someone wanted to copy a file or maybe even just to dork with Microsoft users.
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