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Wakum Mata!
Politcally Incorrect Musings
The Payoff 
18th-Jan-2006 03:08 pm
Last summer I loaned a co-worker my lawnmower. I don't have a lawn. I have rocks. If it is growing in my yard (other than the tree/shrub/thing next to the driveway) it is a weed.

He killed it. It runs very poorly and puts out thick black smoke, he says. He says he put oil in it (it was drained for the move here). He just had big nasty weeds. Well, he repaid me for it on Tuesday. He came in that morning with a slightly used Dell Dimension desktop computer with 512MB ram, 40GB Harddrive, and a 2100MHz Intel Celeron. It still has something like 620 days of warranty coverage (ergo, no hardware hacking will be done!). He says he will transfer ownership, then I will get full warranty rights.

There are a few things I am not too keen on with it:

Intel graphics.
No AGP slot
Windows XP Home Edition

That being the case, it still beats the holy crap outta my dual CPU, Pentium II, 450MHz, Riva TNT2 graphics, 256MB RAM, 25GB harddrive machine I use now. Hands down, it will beat my Dell Precision Workstation 410 in every benchmark. My klunker machine runs Linux. Yes. I do, in fact, know how to get blood from a stone.

I hope he enjoys that lawnmower... I don't even miss it.
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