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Wakum Mata!
Politcally Incorrect Musings
12th-Jun-2005 04:30 pm
The Massachusetts State Government wants to make spanking illegal in Massachusetts.


I have some news for the government: they're MY kids.

The Government requires education; that is, it is illegal to not send your kid to school.
The Government, in the form of Child Protective Services, has the right to remove your child from you, even if they are wrong,
The Government requires that your child be placed in a car seat.
You cannot allow your child to publicly and openly display their religion in school (unless it is something other than Judaism and Christianity).

And so on.

The Government has set a lot of standards that you are to live up to with respect to how you raise your child. Some make sense like no drinking, no smoking, car seats, and so on. But the thing is that these are LAWS telling you how to raise YOUR child. The end effect is that your child is a ward of the state. You are merely foster care.

If I am to be a nanny, then I expect to get paid for it; and it costs a lot more to raise a child than the pitiful tax credits one gets for a dependant. I expect the government to pay for the child's clothes, doctors, education, food, and the housing I provide.

Welcome to People's Republic of Amerika, folks.

This is where we are headed.
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