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Wakum Mata!
Politcally Incorrect Musings
Interview Results 
4th-Jan-2006 06:45 pm
Who the heck knows.

I left home this morning at 9:00am and made it to their place about noon to do a quick recon. I decided that it was a good time to take lunch since I was not supposed to be there until 1:00PM. I relaxed a bit and listened to Bill O'Reilly on the radio talk about how he doesn't care if people like him or not. I returned to the prospective employer about 10 til.

They ganged up on me. All at once.

I was grilled on my RF knowledge and some technical background. I didn't study up on my opamps but I believe that I still got the answer correct... let me check... Yup. A=1+(Rf/Ri). Basic. I was also tried on a test of which is better for digital and what the difference was between asyncronous or synchronous. As he was drawing the figure on the board, I almost blurted out "asychronous" before he finished the first figure or even described the problem. I decided to bite my tongue and wait for the test to be fully written. I'm not sure it would have made a difference. I, however, never used the word "asynchronous" and I think that was what he was looking for. I tend to be literal when asked a techical question. He asked "why" one was preferred and so I gave him the reasons why the first figure was not desireable.

I was tested on the basics. Real simple stuff. But, if you don't have the basics, then you can do nothing at all. I was prepared to plot out a state machine or find the bug in the C code.

I was sucessful in the portfolio department. I was able to show my wares at appropriate moments and I think that helped them evaluate me on the type of employee I would make.

One thing that has continually haunted my job search is that I have no experience with VHDL - a programming language used to design microchips. I would probably have had a job at Raytheon by now if it weren't for that knowledge gap. Still, I understand the basics and that means I can learn it.

The interview ended on a positive note. There was some discussion how to get around the fact I have committed to work for my present company for a while longer. My company can offer me another two months of work (I start again on Monday). Bailing on them now would really cramp their plans, so I don't want to break that commitment. The new company sounds like they are willing to work with me on that issue. I might be able to telecommute for a while. Eventually I will have to go in and start working.

Overall, I feel okay - not great, just okay - about how the interview went. Worst case, they have some products that my present employer may be interested in. I still come out with a win-win for all. That ain't bad.

I left at 3:30PM and was home at 6:10PM.

I drove 372.4 miles and used $38.60 in gasoline for this interview. Job search expenses are tax deductible, soooooo.
5th-Jan-2006 04:32 pm (UTC) - Op Amps!
Dude, I just had a wicked flashback to EE212....ack!!!

I even remembered the formula...ugh!!!!
5th-Jan-2006 04:33 pm (UTC)
I did get answer one question patently wrong... that is, I couldn't think of an answer. It was on the gain of an inverting opamp. As I recall, he got the formula wrong! For a basic inverting opamp the gain is A=-Rf/Ri. I recall the interviewer forgot the minus sign.

I think it is a better thing to admit that you don't know something than to fudge an answer. Hopefully they will see it that way, too.
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