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Wakum Mata!
Politcally Incorrect Musings
It's that time again! 
1st-Dec-2005 09:29 pm
Yes, kiddos! It's time, again, to RECOMPILE THE KERNEL!

I have a wonderfully pathetic часть дерьма computer. It is a Dell Precision 410 with a Pentium 2, 450MHz cpu and 256MB SDRAM. It is only a bad computer since it is so woefully out of date. I am trying to squeeze out all the performance from it that I can. I am unable to afford a new machine or even the parts to make one (Christmas is coming... hint hint). I recently ordered a new CPU from http://www.wierdstuff.com. This machine features dual processor support and I am hoping that another cpu will help improve performance. The next step is to increase the memory from 256MB of SDRAM to 512MB. After that, there is no hope for this machine.

Thus, I need to recompile my kernel to support the additional CPU and trim the fat.

Here is the amazing thing. This new CPU cost me less than 15 dollars. Back in its day, new, it was around $500 US. That day was SIX YEARS AGO!

Linux is the only OS, anymore, that has the power I need, and this thing can run. Linux REALLY extends the useable life of your hardware. I like that.

OH! I almost forgot.. my UPS died. The battery had a crack and slowly boiled itself dry. I ordered a new battery from http://www.arizonabattery.com. The new battery has been installed and is charged up. I just need to plug my computer and peripherals into it, but I have this kernel thing to take care of first....
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