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Wakum Mata!
Politcally Incorrect Musings
The Sacrament of Marriage 
24th-Dec-2018 10:19 am
catholic, religion, byzantine, eastern

Anthony, a dear friend of mine recently got married.His wife is gorgeous. He chose well and I pray that God bless their marriage greatly. It was a strange ceremony. The basics were there but it was more of a Pentecostal/evangelical praise and worship service. Being catholic and not a non-denominational I didn't know any of the contemporary songs. I don't listen to Christian radio as I find the music trite and some are theologically troubling to me.

The vows were exchanged and then the pastor did a communion. Kudos for recognizing that the Eucharist should be performed at the sacrament of marriage, even though they don't understand sacramental nature of such things. He blessed the bread and the wine, possibly it was grape juice. It was in little thimble-sized cups. He announced that all were welcome to participate and that they were not exclusive and that the symbol of the body and blood of Christ were for all.

Therein lies the issue. First, it was clearly stated as being a SYMBOL and not the true body and blood of Christ. A sacrament is valid only if the matter and form are correct. This had neither. I did not participate in the sham. If it was truly the body and blood of Christ then there would have been NOTHING, not the tiniest morsel or crumb of bread nor a single drop or residue of wine left. But I could see the tiny plastic cups with plenty left behind.

The dig at being exclusive was clearly aimed at Catholics. We don't exclude because someone is not a "member of the club". We exclude because we wish to let the consuming of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ to be for salvation and not condemnation. The condemnation comes from unworthily taking communion. We Catholics believe that the bread and wine are not mere symbols, but the literal body and blood of Christ and should be approached with awe, wonder, respect, and reverence. It is not wine and bread we approach but Christ himself. One should have confessed their sins to be pure and to know and believe that what they take in the Eucharist is truly Christ himself. To not do these and to not believe these is to take Christ into corruption, a grave insult! Would you smear dung upon Christ were He in front of you? Thus, the Catholic Church, in its wisdom, would prevent those that don't believe nor practice these things from condemning themselves. It is an act of mercy and not one of exclusion.

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