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Wakum Mata!
Politcally Incorrect Musings
Sin is like that 
8th-Jan-2018 08:17 am
catholic, religion, byzantine, eastern

I was headed to confession last Saturday afternoon and was contemplating Theophany and baptism.

Lately, I had been struggling with some certain sins and had missed a dearly needed confession the previous Sunday. Perhaps if I had gotten to church earlier. I found a Roman Catholic Church nearby I could go to for penance as I didn't feel like I could wait another day; I was in a spiritual crisis. It was affecting other aspects of my life, tainting it.

Sin is like engine grease on your hands. Everything you touch becomes contaminated and smeared with the grimy filth with its cloying stench. Wiping your hands is not good enough. The stench is still there tainting all you touch. You need to be washed to be rid of it. Confession is like a second baptism in that it washes away our sins making us like new, again. It reveals the new being we became with our first baptism.

This is the season of Theophany, the baptism of The Lord in the river Jordan. This is when the water for house blessings is blessed. We bless our houses each year not because God has become less powerful over the year, but because our sins have tainted and covered His grace. Our homes need to be washed due to our sins to reveal the ever present blessings of God.

Let us remain in God's mercy by frequent confession, attendance of Divine Liturgy (mass), and the blessing of our homes.

Christ is baptized!
In the Jordan!

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