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Wakum Mata!
Politcally Incorrect Musings
The Truth Always Comes Out In The End (Part II) 
12th-Oct-2017 09:09 am
My dear transgender friends, 1000 years from now an archaeologist may examine your bones. Your skin, hair, and clothes will have turned to powder. The scientist will carefully extract a tooth from your dusty skull to remove its pulp or drill a hole in your dry bones to sample your marrow. Gone is the pronoun you used to refer to yourself. Gone are your surgical scars, modifications, and enhancements. What is left is your DNA and it will tell one of two things: male or female. All your efforts are for naught because in the end, it is your DNA that describes what you are, not your feelings about your gender.

Your perception of reality is in error. People are constantly bombarded by statements saying we should have a positive attitude toward our bodies. We are told to not be ashamed of who we are. We are told to not descend into mediocrity and change ourselves. If you are fat, then by golly, be happy about it! If you have a disfiguring birth defect, then accept who you are and be proud! Flaunt it! Be yourself!

Unless, of course, you believe you are some gender other than what you were born as. Then, no. Then you are somehow born a mistake that needs correcting. There is minimal, only word service, or no psychological and spiritual help for you to accept the reality of your gender. No. You are told you are defective and must be permanently altered. You are told your feelings are reality, not your perception of it. "Be who you are" never enters into it. But noone likes to be alone in their decision and now other, even children who grow out of their erroneous perception of reality, are being indoctrinated.

Transgender and the pronouns that go with it has all the makings of a fad. It is a popular thing to do and is gaining acceptance at the risk of destroying one's life and making bad legislation. Gender transition surgery is not like getting a tattoo, but seems to be being sold as such.
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