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Wakum Mata!
Politcally Incorrect Musings
Oh! The mysogony! 
31st-Jul-2017 10:09 am
Men seeking some amorous interaction from modern American women have been given some advice in the seemingly misogynistic tirade, On the Pursuit of Pussy via The Burning Platform. However, that is only seemingly. Modern feminism has brought the destruction of femininity and rendered a natural interaction as something disordered and the author, ever so bluntly and entirely lacking diplomacy, points out some problems with Western Feminism.

Some points made:

Be a Man.

It was a good evening. You laughed, you drank, you flirted, she smelled amazing. You end up at her place.

Her kiss makes the world go out-of-focus. She is the very definition of curves and angles and softness, with pliant, satiny skin taut over the toned muscles of a dancer. Full breasts in a lace bra—it’s like perusing a dessert tray.

Your lips chart the arcane geometry of the place where her neck meets her shoulders, and you feel her pulse jumping under your tongue. You are both moving towards the bed, dropping clothing as you go. She lies back and as you follow her down she places both hands on your chest, applies a little pressure and says,


The moment she says that word, a Man will stop. Then, a Man will stand up, collect his clothes, shoes and keys, and leave. On the way out the door, a Man will flash his most winning smile and say, “Nobody has to tell me twice, darlin’.”

And then, A Man Will Never Come Back. She gets one shot at you—that’s it.

But I believe this is a false paradigm. I believe a REAL MAN would not let things go this far in the first place. A Real man would not have sexual relations outside of marriage.

Be a man. If she is worth taking to bed, she is worth making her your wife before you do. Waiting completely removes the issue of date rape. Waiting completely removes the problems created by being enamored with someone's body and then dismissing serious red flags. Chemistry and lust become overridden by reason and objectivity. It also shows that you value your intended spouse for who they are rather than their performance in the bedroom. Chastity solves a whole host of issues from STIs/STDs, unplanned pregnancies, and the morning after regret.
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