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Wakum Mata!
Politcally Incorrect Musings
The Slippery Slope of Gender Identity 
28th-Jul-2017 05:52 pm
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Transgenderism is failing feminism and harming freedom of speech and expression. Instead of those with gender identity issues getting the medical, psychological, and spiritual aid they need, the issue has been taken over by political activists and social justice warriors trying to make a name for themselves.

Now, once again, biological women are being marginalized by biological men. Status quo maintained, but now women cannot complain without being labeled a bigot or hateful. Congratulations.

A recent article from EWTN News had a very good point:

“It makes much more therapeutic sense to help the mind conform to biological realities than to deform the body in order to fit a disordered mental picture.”

But also, we are told, if we happen to be overweight, skinny, handicapped, deformed, have stretch marks, or have acne, etc., that we should love and accept ourselves for who we are. Transgendered persons get a pass and are essentially told that they should not accept who they are but to be something else. The hypocrisy level on body shaming is amazing when you consider you are so unhappy with yours that you decide to change your entire identity and people cheer you on as you make irrevocable changes to your biology.
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