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Wakum Mata!
Politcally Incorrect Musings
Do We Really Want Gender Equality? 
11th-Dec-2016 08:29 am
Gender equality is fraught with issues. Men and women really are different. Given the actual physical differences, beyond primary and secondary sexual characteristics between men and women, is it even possible to have equality? This, in no way, means there should be a gender separation between gender neutral careers such as engineering, airline pilot, astronaut, bank CEO, food service, nursing, and so forth. Perhaps equality is not something we should be striving for, but parity.

A post by the Orthodox Church in America sums it up nicely, though it is a discussion that is faith specific.

"...Equality suggests some sort of steamrollering process of equivalence. It does away with any mutual fulfillment, and creates the conditions for conflicts. At any given moment, either side can replace the other and render them redundant. Parity, on the other hand, demands respect for differences as well as recognition of the special value and gifts of men and women. ..."

Equality denies our gender differences and uncomfortably and contentiously forces all into the same mold. Equality makes no account for our differences and calls shame on those same. Gender equality is intolerant. Parity, on the other hand, celebrates the differences and special abilities attributed to gender and can maximize the potential of the person.
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