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Wakum Mata!
Politcally Incorrect Musings
All part of the job 
16th-Dec-2015 07:16 pm
There was a loud anguished cry from a cube a few feet away from me. Clearly someone just had some bad news. Perhaps they lost some important work to their computer's bit bucket. The anguished groan grew louder and didn't stop.

There is something wrong. That is not normal. I went to investigate. A coworker, newly hired by the company, a kid, was on the floor face down, his chair on its side and he in it, unconscious and moaning. Other coworkers came to aid.

We removed the chair and other objects that would prevent, or slow down, medical staff from helping him. Someone called 911 and corporate security. I contacted my supervisor to notify him of what had happened so he could contact the coworker's supervisor.

The man eventually came to. He was very disoriented and a bit panicky. We tried to calm him and get him to lie still. Security came and soon after the fire department. There was nothing more I could do, so I went back to work.

The man was carted off to the hospital. He is 24 years old. I pray it is nothing serious and is a one-off event. This was not a good way to end the day, for anyone.
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