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Wakum Mata!
Politcally Incorrect Musings
The Life of the World 
5th-Nov-2013 08:38 pm
catholic, religion, byzantine, eastern
"Not given, not blessed by God, it was food whose eating was condemned to be communion with itself alone and not with God. It is the image of the world loved for itself..."

"When we see the world as an end in itself, everything becomes itself a value and consequently loses all value, because only in God is found the meaning (value) of everything, and the world is meaningful only when it is the 'sacrament' of God's presence. Things treated merely as things in themselves destroy themselves because only in God have they any life. The world of nature, cut off from the source of life, is a dying world. For one who thinks food in itself is the source of life, eating is communion with the dying world, it is communion with death. Food itself is dead, it is life that has died and it must be kept in refrigerators like a corpse."

~ Schmemann, Alexander. "For the Life of the World", 2nd ed. St. Vladimir's Seminary Press, 1973. Print.

Here is a good case for asking The Lord's blessing whenever and wherever you eat lest you be in communion with that which is dead.
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