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Wakum Mata!
Politcally Incorrect Musings
Stage 1 to stage 3 so soon?! 
3rd-Nov-2005 02:05 pm

There are three stages to a project: 1) enthusiasm, 2) disillusionment, and 3) apathy.

I seem to have skipped stage two.

I am already bored with job hunting. Why? There are so many to choose and all the descriptions sound scary or I don't have "exactly" the kind of experience they are demanding. Yesterday I pushed my searching hard. Now I am tired.

I do think that my company will get funding again. The project we are prime contractor for exists under public law; public law 107-107, to be exact. Also, since it is an existing project, the funding should not be pulled from it. There is no other company that does what we do or has the personnel so experienced and knowledgeable in what we do (we are, after all the only ones). No one can compete with us on a cost basis, should they try to enter a bid. Their ramp up would be cost prohibitive.

All that is missing is for Congress and the Senate to quit their petty divisiveness and get back to actually REPRESENTING their constituents.
I found a civil service job today. Sounds good. Sounds like a lot of work, too. I would be kept busy. It also would pay a minimum of $2000 more than what I make now. Added bonus is that it is a local gig. There are some other federal jobs that look good in other states.

I have been contacted, out of the blue, by a headhunter. I have also been contacted by a Boeing recruiter. He found my Monster resume. The issue with Boeing is that the job would be in Washington (state). It would suck to move so soon.

I also got word that I do have an active security clearance. That is a highly marketable asset and should command a higher salary.
3rd-Nov-2005 09:32 pm (UTC)
Say NO to Boing! (yes, I purposefully misspelled it)...civil service could be cool.
3rd-Nov-2005 09:44 pm (UTC)
What is wrong with "Boing" (other than it is in WA state).
3rd-Nov-2005 09:49 pm (UTC)
crap company to work for that has horrible ethics. I refused to interview with them (even though they kept wanting to offer me a job) after working for a subcontractor to them. Plus, Seattle sucks ass. Seriously.

Oh, go to www.rayjobs.com, click experienced professional button, click search jobs (1/2 down page),type the following #s into the keywords.


They are what I found in your field.

3rd-Nov-2005 10:21 pm (UTC)
It rains like 364 out of 365 days...don't go...don't do it!
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