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Wakum Mata!
Politcally Incorrect Musings
Little Black Lent Book - 2013 
22nd-Mar-2013 06:06 pm
Uncle Sam
The Catholic church in the United States produces a "Little Black Book" of Lenten devotionals and meditations. The one for today covers some speculation over what Jesus wrote (John 8:8-9). There is one part that got me on my rant box:

"... This isn't unique to the Church, but seems true of any
     organization. Think about immigration laws. Which way has
     the drift been? Away from softness ("Give me your tired,
     your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free")
     and toward severity. ..."

The author seems to be setting up a presumption that the United States is trying to block all immigration and is drawing a moral equivalence between legal immigration and illegal. The USA is singularly the most accommodating country in the WORLD when it comes to immigration. The United States has very few tests which will deny someone the opportunity to become a citizen. It recognizes the strengths that come from non-citizens who yearn for a better life and seeks to promote opportunity for that goal. All that the country asks is that it be done in an orderly fashion.

There is a massive chasm of distinction between illegal immigration and legal citizenship. The two are not equivalent. Illegal immigrants:
* steal the hope and opportunity that was promised to those who followed the law
* present the bad face of immigration causing a stain upon and perpetuating negative stereotypes of those that entered legally
* often use identity theft to obtain work
* depress the wage structure by working for less and for cash-only
* encourage human trafficking by creating a market for it
* cause environmental damage to natural areas by leaving a trail of garbage and human waste on major ingress routes
* unnecessarily place their lives at extreme risk by traversing desolate areas
* and present a national security risk

If a country does not know who is entering its borders, how can that country best serve the needs of those entering its borders? The immigration problems of the United States are not one of stopping immigration, it does not seek to do that, but finding a way to prevent ILLEGAL immigration. The rhetoric flying about by the pro immigration reformists is directed to efforts at legitimizing unlawful and destructive behavior.
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