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Wakum Mata!
Politcally Incorrect Musings
"...Christ says that we best imitate God when we show concern for… 
11th-Oct-2012 06:31 am
catholic, religion, byzantine, eastern
"...Christ says that we best imitate God when we show concern for those from whom we can expect no repayment (cf Mt 5:43-48) ... The late khouriyye Catherine Doherty told the story of experiencing this kind of hospitality as a child in pre-revolutionary Russia:

"My father was in the diplomatic service, so he entertained all the diplomatic corps at our home in Petrograd one evening. Big deal: tea and wonderful trays of cakes and 250 people. Suddenly the butler opened the door and said, 'Christ at the door, sir.' Well, the French ambassador's wife dropped her cup; she had never heard anything like that.

"My father and mother excused themselves from the 250 VIPs and walked into the next room. There they found a wino at the door. My father bowed low to him and opened the door. My mother set the table with the best linen and served him herself with my father's help."

Catherine herself was about nine at the time and recalls asking, "Mommy, can I serve the gentleman?" Her mother replied, "No, you were disobedient last week; you can't serve Christ when you are disobedient."

~ from "A Guide For The Domestic Church"
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