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Wakum Mata!
Politcally Incorrect Musings
Annual Retreat 
10th-Mar-2012 07:16 pm
catholic, religion, byzantine, eastern
I attended my church's annual parish retreat today. Our guest speaker was Mother Theodora. She is a great speaker. Some people might have a belief that nuns are quiet or even shy and have little presence. Yeah. You are wrong. Mother Theodora is very "real", approachable, and personable. She knows how to address an audience, impart knowledge, wisdom, and laughter.

Today was a good day.

Here are a few nuggets and thoughts from the retreat (various sources):

"The body is holy. So holy, God himself became flesh." ~Mother Theodora
"Every heresy has a shadow heresy against it, and that is the overreaction to it." ~Fr. Bob
"I understand what has to be done, but give me the grace to do it with joy."
"We sometimes confuse knowledge with wisdom." ~Mother Theodora
"He [God] loves us into existence." ~Mother Theodora
"Love transforms anger, or it [the anger] is transferred." ~Fr. Bob
"Never make the disciplines an end to themselves." ~Fr. Bob
Issac submitted to his father, Abraham, for sacrifice. He could have escaped. Abraham was over 100 years old, after all. This was an act of tremendous faith on both their parts.
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