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Wakum Mata!
Politcally Incorrect Musings
I can hear again! 
30th-Oct-2005 08:48 pm
I have been audio deprived on my workstation for some time now.

My computer has a CS4237B in it. What is sad is that I forgot it was that chip and was thinking it was a CS4232. Very sad considering I helped design the motherboard on this thing (Dell Precision 410). Oh well, it was a LONG time ago.

This weekend I got the sound working and I didn't have to recompile the kernel. I actually tried to but I am still missing some source files for the modules. Anyway, I didn't do a recompile.

I am using the ALSA (Advanced Linux Sound Achitecture) sound system for Linux. I am also using the Mandriva 2006 beta (I'll put it up against any RELEASED software from Micro$oft). Mandirva is based on the Red Hat Fedora distro. Red Hat wrote an app called sndconfig to write the module.conf file for the audio card. However, ALSA has a utility called alsaconf. I like the ALSA utility much better.

I ran the utility and KMix still would not show that I had a mixer. Apparently, one must have a mixer before one can hear audio. I exited KMix and restarted ALSA using "/etc/init.d/alsa restart". I started up KMix again. Now I have a mixer! But no sound. Nothing. I tried a "force-reload" and that still did not help.

Then my UPS dies (no clue why). I restart my machine and all is well. I have sound. EVERYTHING works.


Unfortunately, it required a reboot. One of the features I really like about Linux is that a reboot is not required for anything other than a kernel update. Sure, I may have to log out on some things, like a KDE update, but I should never have to reboot.

I'll never know if "/etc/init.d/alsa force-reload" followed by logging out then back in was the fix.
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