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Wakum Mata!
Politcally Incorrect Musings
Kudos to Obama 
14th-Jan-2011 10:18 am
What I saw of the memorial on Wednesday was both disturbing and reverent. I believe President Obama was sincere and felt genuine distress. He was "Presidential". I was proud of him.

I may be a partisan Conservative, but I'll point out the truth wherever I see it. Yes, Obama did well. I felt and saw his pain and wholly believe it was sincere.

What I am not proud of is how the UofA turned a memorial service into a political rally. It was positively abhorrent! Governor Jan Brewer reads the name of Christina Taylor Green and CHEERING erupts. What the Hell?!?! That place was filled with college students who cheered the tragic death of a nine year old girl like they were cheering a ball game! If the children are our future, then I weep for the future.


Those kids were there to cheer on their favorite Washington insider, not give solemn reverence to the deceased. If I was their parents I would be Skyping, calling, texting, or whatever to chastise them for such bad form. Then I'd be calling up the UofA to complain for their complicity.

The UofA had t-shirts over the backs of the chairs and trotted out some white guy, who may have native American blood but certainly not much, to give the opening benediction from the Navite American point of view. Circus. There was no point to that. Part of the culture? Why not trot out a Mariachi band or have a parade of Catholic saints!

UofA is totally to blame for the political circus environment that was on display. The politicians did the best they could given the bucket of crap that was handed to them.

I just wish the President has paused and reminded people why they were there - for a funeral.
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