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Wakum Mata!
Politcally Incorrect Musings
The little known Fair Tax effect 
25th-Oct-2010 02:15 pm
no marriage
... or "Why should you vote for Jesse Kelly?"

The Fair Tax. Is it fair? Jesse Kelly is a big proponent of the Fair Tax. But first, you have questions!

"Hey, Robomarkov! Why that icon when you are discussion economics? No marriage? Why?"

We will get to that. But to do so, I need to tell you what the Fair Tax is. From the Fair Tax website:

"... The truth about the Fair Tax is that it replaces the federal income tax, gift tax, estate tax, capital gains tax, alternative minimum tax, Social Security and Medicare taxes and self-employment taxes with a 23 percent national consumption tax.

Any politician or political group who claims or implies that the Fair Tax adds a 23 percent national consumption tax on top of all the other taxes listed above is either lying to you or is ignorant of the facts. ..."

The other thing the Fair Tax does in addition to removing all the other federal taxes, is eliminate the IRS. Going to this form of tax eliminates political use of taxation to favor certain corporations and industries over others. Basically, it removes certain powers from the politicians and puts it back into the hands of the people. Your entrenched politician is certainly going to be against the loss of personal power over you and loss of personal gain for them. Lobbyists will HATE the Fair Tax.

And this tax would even be fair to poor and middle class people, unlike what we have now.

"But that still does not explain the 'no marriage' icon, Robomarkov."

Yes. We are now going to discuss that.

Under the current taxation methodology, certain social structures can be enforced through fiscal penalties. In short, your federal tax structure is telling you what kind of marriage to have, including encouraging you to have kids, and how much income is too much. For example, married filing jointly, two incomes, with no children is a huge tax penalty. However, married, filing jointly, single income, lots of kids is a huge tax break.... until you reach certain income levels.

The Fair Tax places no caps on how wealthy you can be! The sky is the limit! Want to be a billionaire? Go for it! Win the lotto? All the money is yours! You hate the rich? No more loopholes!

The Fair Tax also removes any government imposed restrictions on social structure.

The little known secret to the Fair Tax is that it effectively gets the federal government OUT OF YOUR BEDROOM. The government could no longer place a fiscal penalty on same-sex partnerships by using taxes to enforce a heterosexual-marriage-with-children-only favored social structure. If you are gay or lesbian, then you WANT the Fair Tax. It removes a barrier - and a big one at that. Marriage can be anything you want. The Fair Tax is truly fair.

27th-Oct-2015 03:52 pm (UTC) - Doing it the hard way
The IRS now recognizes same sex unions. This never would have been an issue under The Fair Tax.

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