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Wakum Mata!
Politcally Incorrect Musings
Will boink for brains 
2nd-Aug-2010 11:19 am
Sex Boosts Brain Growth, Study Suggests

By Charles Q. Choi, LiveScience Contributor

posted: 28 July 2010 09:21 am ET

Sex apparently can help the brain grow, according to new findings in rats.

Sexually active rodents also seemed less anxious than virgins, Princeton scientists discovered.

Past findings had shown that stressful, unpleasant events could stifle brain cell growth in adults. To see if pleasant albeit stressful experiences could have the opposite effect, researchers studied the effects of sex in rats.


When compared with male virgins, both groups of sexually active rats had cell proliferation, or an increase in the number of neurons, in the hippocampus, a part of the brain linked with memory whose cells are especially sensitive to unpleasant experiences. The rats that had more sex also had adult brain cells grow, as well as a rise in the number of connections between brain cells. [...]


Sex makes you smarter. Lack of sex increases stress hormones in males and these hormones inhibit adult brain cell growth.

Could a lack of sex be why husbands eventually get called "idiot" by their wives?
2nd-Aug-2010 06:20 pm (UTC)
Are any of you other guys out there feeling stupid?
2nd-Aug-2010 07:56 pm (UTC)
I are being stupidist by the moment. :)
2nd-Aug-2010 09:13 pm (UTC)
I am getting increasingly frustrated by 'scientific reporting'. The study wasn't studying sex, they were studying stress; there were no intelligence assays, just anxiety assays and histological studies of cell proliferation in the dentate gyrus. You see this same phenomenon (increased cell proliferation in the dentate gyrus and hippocampus) just by putting the rat into a new cage (environment enrichment) or by a reward protocol (this is the area that goes nuts during addiction), or a neuronal ischemia (stroke). The only time they mention anything regarding intelligence is the last sentence of the discussion "The extent to which fundamentally aversive experiences can be recast as positive through learning, thus minimizing their damaging influence, remains to be determined." They haven't done the studies yet.

Take a look at the article. They are infact *inducing* stress. The authors do not say anything on effects of sexual 'deprevation', effects of sexual activity on intelligence, or stress related to non-mating inhibiting cell growth. These cells already proliferate into adulthood. What they saw was a modest increase due to reward that seems to be related to reduced anxiety. In fact, the unmated controls were left in their cage--no handling, no environmental enrichment; I wonder why they performed poorly in anxiety tests?


Besides, we already know that well-sexed early-twenty-something males and females are the biggest idiots of them all.
2nd-Aug-2010 09:27 pm (UTC)
I be getting dumber by the minute! It must be true! I reads it on the Intertubes!

... so much for new pick-up lines like "wanna watch my brain grow?" and "how about some dendritic interconnect?"
2nd-Aug-2010 09:31 pm (UTC)
Heh. I recommend using those lines anyways. Blunt force trama will get you some excellent swelling and plasticity is hot with the ladies these days. :)
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