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Wakum Mata!
Politcally Incorrect Musings
Dear Congress: 
17th-Mar-2010 03:10 pm
My letter to my "representative" -


If it is such a great bill, why do you have do resort to procedural tricks and deception? Why cannot the bill stand on its own merits?

Fact: the majority of people DO NOT support this plan for health care reform.


No "deem and pass". Stand and be counted. Quit hiding behind procedural tomfoolery. Accept responsibility for your actions. Be accountable!

I do want health care reform. But NOT like this. This is not reform; this is devastation. DO NOT ALLOW THIS BILL TO PASS.
22nd-Mar-2010 05:12 pm (UTC)
IF your viewpoint that this is opposed by the majority is valid, why not put it too a vote? make it a populace vote, then when one side has more votes, the other side loses, and the issue is put to bed.

I dont think that anyone knows what "the majority" thinks, seeing as how people only poll people who will give them the answer they want (the pew research group for example polls mostly conservative consituents) so the only way to know for sure is a populous vote, but noone wants that, why? Because too many on both sides are terrified that the pillars they found their egotistical ideals on are not on firm foundations.

I think (opinion here) MOST americans want to reform health care, but dont want to do it this way.

The problem lies with politicians (notice i dont call out a specific faction here?) who refuse to compromise, lest they sully ideaology with fair representation, the republicans could have worked harder to fix the bill to make it better for all, but they stonewalled, and only made it impossible to get anything meaningful changed.

The democrats also refused to listen, and compromise to fairly review the document to make sure that those of us who think its broken also had a voice.

At this point aiming fingers is pointless and childish and should be redirected at the whole machine, not just the cogs. They ALL could have handled it better

and heres a thought (and this is tongue and cheek but honest as well) what if it works? what then? I dont think it will, but what if this helps us to clean up health care instead of it being the corrupt, expensive, monopoly driven beast it is now?

perish the thought that someone else might be right
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