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Wakum Mata!
Politcally Incorrect Musings
5 O'clock and all's well! Mostly. 
2nd-Jun-2005 05:34 am
5:00am... why the heck am I awake? A stupid bad dream. My second one on this topic, actually.

At work, I have been trying to order a couple of 4in square by 20ft long fiberglass poles. I started this effort almost THREE MONTHS AGO. The first company, McNichols, we stayed with them too long. Two months of nonperformance. They got the order wrong. The order was damaged. The order was out of stock and had to be shipped from the factory. McNichols in California. They suck. Don't order from them if you actually want FRP. They can't deliver. They can't even give me a tracking number for a shipment. Totally incompetant.

I ordered from another company - Bedford Plastics. Supposedly they shipped from their Houston warehouse Monday last week. I am still waiting. The tracking number doesn't register on the trucking site.

Back to the dream. I dreamt that the fiberglass had arrived. I dreamt that it had been cut into four 10ft sections for easier shipping. Unusable. I had to refuse the order.

The fiberglass is going to be used for an antenna mast. It has to be 20ft long.

Can't anyone deliver a simple couple of pieces of pultruded fiberglass?!!?!
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