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Wakum Mata!
Politcally Incorrect Musings
Glenn Beck talks with Michele Bachmann 
15th-Oct-2009 07:46 am
Glenn Beck - Interviews - Glenn Beck talks with Michele Bachmann

Congresswoman Bachmann makes the claim that since the bailouts began, 30% of private business wealth is now in the hands of the government. Add health care and cap-and-trade and the amount becomes 56%. Bachmann cites an ASU economist for this data but does not mention the name nor any publication where this data appears. A little help from my friends, here? Show me the data. If accurate, then we are on a dangerous course for this country that makes the U.S. Constitution moot and your civil rights nullified.

I have searched the Congresswoman and Glen Beck's website. Nothing.
I have searched ASU department of Economics. Nothing (though I am not quite done).
Google seems to only turn up references to the Glen Beck interview above.

If you know the location of the article in question or name of the economist, I'd love to see it. Please, send me the link.

My next step is to write Glen Beck and Rep. Bachmann to see if either of them can produce the data.
15th-Oct-2009 08:56 pm (UTC)
Please do write them. If the figures have a kernel of truth, I'm interested in knowing what it is.
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