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Wakum Mata!
Politcally Incorrect Musings
Kubuntu and Wireless 
1st-Jul-2009 08:51 am
My replacement DVD drive arrived yesterday. I installed it and I can now read DVDs! Woot! Unfortunately, my replacement keyboard did not arrive. Today maybe? [ /me crosses fingers ]

No charge, by the way. All that is required is to send back the broken drive.

It was now time to muck with my Linux install.

Either of my choices of Linux distro (Mandriva or Kubuntu) has a broken wireless interface. Since it didn't matter which I chose, I figured I'd just use the one I liked most. I overwrote my Mandriva 2009.1 install last night with Kubuntu 9.04 (using the DVD I burned a few days earlier). True to form, wireless was still broken. I decided to logout after screwing around with the desktop for a while. When I logged back in, wireless was working! I now have a fully working Kubuntu install! Woot!

I have applied all updates. Now all I need to do is install all the software I need.
1st-Jul-2009 04:21 pm (UTC) - The Universe Speaks
I forgot to mention.

The Universe must be sending me a message that I chose wisely. One of the first news articles that popped up in my feed was this:

Quick List of Things To Do After Installing Ubuntu

Ubuntu is the most popoular GNU/Linux distrbution with millions of active users. Being popular also means that, there are a lot of newbie users as well. Here is a quick list of things a newbie Ubuntu user should knew.

Must do stuff

* Make sure that your Internet Connection is active. Now go to System > Administration > Synaptic Package Manager and Click Reload.

* You need to install the following packages now. First, Goto System > Administration>Synaptic Package Manager. Search for the following packages.

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