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Wakum Mata!
Politcally Incorrect Musings
Armchair Politics 
20th-Apr-2009 12:23 pm
Muhommad Caraciture
It was just over 80F outside and I was wearing my fleece ski cap and was comfortable. I could probably have gotten away with a light jacket. I hate being sick.

While watching the kids play I was watching the doves act out their dominance for limited resources under the bird feeder. One dove was clearly in charge. He chased the others away. Thus the pecking order is established.

This reminds me of why things like Socialism and especially Communism are such flawed policies: they go against nature. There will ALWAYS be someone who is dominant. Children figure this out early.

One of the dominant principles of Socialism and Communism is that all people are equal or should be forced to be. This is not the case. Some always become more equal than others. The idea that we can change this is absurd and wrong. This is where I like Capitalism: it works within human nature. Although Capitalism is an economic philosophy, and not a political one, many politicians try to make it so. While a pecking order will exist within a free market capitalist structure, it is subject to change. One might be a lowly drudge pushing a broom one day and a multimillionaire the next. The socialist political forces upon the economy try to resist this.

I have heard the complaint that Capitalism doesn't work but in every case the complaint is against someone NOT playing by the rules of Capitalism or some situation that is otherwise not associated with Capitalism. When people don't play by the rules we get government sanctions of "monopoly".

I am a Linux user so I'll use my favorite whipping boy. Case in point is Microsoft [MSFT] and their tendency to cozy up to competitors and then destroy them. This is NOT Capitalism at work. In fact, it more resembles Socialism or Communism where there can be only one ruling entity so that ALL are treated equal- and that tends to be the lowest common denominator.

If Microsoft played by the rules, then they would not be a "monopoly", and their products would be truly superior. They would see that someone is about to kick their butt in a particular niche and then improve their products for that niche instead of buy up their competitor or force them to disband (I was working at Dell at the time and had several good friends get laid off as a result).

Socialism can never work. Nor can Communism. Be aware of this. They are contrived political structures that go against nature. Understand that the nature of the human condition is one of competition... continual competition and improvement.
22nd-Apr-2009 05:48 pm (UTC) - A Good Read
Via Groklaw:

A history of Microsoft's anticompetitive behavior

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