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Wakum Mata!
Politcally Incorrect Musings
Keeping track 
24th-Mar-2009 02:47 pm
Burning Earth
I was just having an online chat with a friend in New Mexico. He was looking at train routes.

Amtrak is okay if you want to travel an east-west route across the US, but is fairly useless for north-south unless you are on the East Coast. If I wanted to go to Denver, I'd have to travel to Illinois first. The routes (pdf) are mostly useless, in other words.

The environmentalists keep attacking SUV drivers and try to lobby for smaller (less safe) fuel-efficient cars. I think their ultimate goal is to make everyone walk! They spend a lot of money on demonizing anyone that doesn't own a hybrid and trying to promote hydrogen or ethanol as a fuel. But, their agenda is NOT to preserve the environment or "save the planet" by curbing greenhouse gas emissions.

If they were interested in getting people out of their cars, they'd work to provide an economical alternative.

Thus the trains... we have a HORRIBLE and absolutely abysmally bad rail structure in this country. If the environmental lobby was so gung ho about the environment, then they'd leave cars alone and try to get mass transit to be more economical than driving. Let the foolish pay for their 12mpg massive SUV and super zippy sports cars. Stop with the CAFE standards. Let those folks go broke paying for fuel.

Meanwhile, let the prudent ride the rails. Let the fiscally responsible save for their future and actually get to SEE their country.

I have been to almost every country in Western Europe. There was virtually nowhere I could not go on a train. Same way with Japan. Buses were everywhere and ran late into the night and started early in the morning. Not so in the USA. If I wanted to take a bus to work, I'd have to walk almost a mile. It would take two hours and I'd have to ride three different buses. That is to go a pathetic 18 miles - a 30 minute commute.

No. The environmental lobby is NOT about "saving the planet"; it is about control over your free movement. It is about control over what you can and cannot purchase. It is about power over you.

If they were truly interested in saving the environment, they'd find a way to make mass transit cheaper and more convenient than driving your car. Instead, they try to take away your car without providing an alternative. That should speak volumes to you on what they are REALLY all about.
24th-Mar-2009 10:16 pm (UTC)
24th-Mar-2009 10:26 pm (UTC) - When you hug someone...
...you always get a hug back.

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