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Wakum Mata!
Politcally Incorrect Musings
Stocking up on gold 
23rd-Jan-2009 02:09 pm
Gold Producers May Exploit Share Rally to Boost Cash (Update2)

By Stewart Bailey

Jan. 23 (Bloomberg) -- Gold producers are likely to follow the lead of Kinross Gold Corp. and take advantage of their rising shares by selling new stock to bolster cash reserves as the global economy slows, investors say. [...]


Gold mining companies are selling new shares of stock to raise capital. Interesting.

Why can't they just sell the gold they mined? Hmmmm. Suspicious.

Is there price fixing? Are gold reserves being depleted? Do they even HAVE gold? Or is this just an easy way to raise cash to expand operations quickly? And that brings us back to "why don't they just sell their gold?"


I am trying to connect the dots.
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