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Wakum Mata!
Politcally Incorrect Musings
Government is the problem, not the solution. 
22nd-Jan-2009 02:26 pm
The economy is tanking, yet more and more people are looking to government for the solution. May I remind you that it is THOSE VERY SAME POLITICIANS that got us into this mess!

You think they can actually help? When has the Government actually gotten it right? They took over education and now our children are falling behind and funding is allocated based on political expediency. The created Medicare, and Medicaid and the whole medical industry has become more expensive and less efficient.

It got involved with the whole global warming issue by mandating ethanol production. It mandated banks make risky loans (subprime). And here we are. They created the mess. Why are you all looking to them to FIX IT?!?! Government makes things worse!

Do you HONESTLY think Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State will bring peace to the Middle East? Do you honestly believe that a librarian will be effective as head of the CIA? Do you believe that a tax evader will be effective in running the Treasury?

Frankly, it looks like the same old crowd with the same old plan. The only change will be greater government control over your personal life and a downward spiral into Socialism.

Here is an article to think upon. A revolution is underway. It is happening in all those peaceful little countries that are not a threat to anyone and you rarely hear about. Citizens are storming their government offices.

World Agenda: riots in Iceland, Latvia and Bulgaria are a sign of things to come

From Times Online
January 21, 2009


Bulgaria has been gripped this month by its worst riots since 1997 when street power helped to topple a Socialist government. Now Socialists are at the helm again and are having to fend off popular protests about government incompetence and corruption. [...]

And socialists are what were elected to office, here!!!

[...] Governments have so far managed to deflect attention from their role in the crash, their slipshod monitoring, by declaring themselves to be indispensible to the solution. This may save the skins of politicians in wealthier countries who can credibly and expensively try to prop up banks and sickly industries. But it does not work in countries that are heavily indebted, with bloated and exposed financial sectors. There, the irate crowds are already beginning to demand: why hasn’t a single politician resigned? What has happened to ministerial responsibility? Who will investigate government failure? [...]
22nd-Jan-2009 11:31 pm (UTC)
Well. Guess it is time for you to do something about it. Step up. Rise Above. Make it happen.
23rd-Jan-2009 03:03 pm (UTC) - Flabbergasted
What do you mean?! Did you think all my political posts were for my amusement? They are warnings! When is the last time you wrote or called your representative?


What are YOU doing?
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