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Wakum Mata!
Politcally Incorrect Musings
More mkinitrd and anti-Microsoft 
26th-May-2005 09:38 pm

I have sucessfully created my initrd image! Whoopee!

I must now address some concerns that were cowardly brought to my attention through a third party, by voice, rather than that unknown someone actually posting a comment. The comment was why am I so anti Microsoft?

I am anti-Microsoft in the same way that the Indians (as in curry, chai, tandoori, and techsupport outsourcing) are anti-British.... but without the swords and guns.

Microsoft has done some absolutely splendid things... to make lawyers rich.

Seriously. There is one thing that Microsoft has done that I give all deference and respect to. No other company did it, so they get my respect for this _one_ thing. Microsoft made a very complex piece of hardware accessible to the masses. They gave a uniform and, relatively, simple interface that allowed the unannointed throngs of technopeasants to reap the benefits of the microprocessor. They, through the WHCL logo, have forced the computer industry to standardize the hardware Windows runs upon.

All kudos and respect to you for that _one_ item, Mr. Gates. Well done. We are unified and standardized.

The British took India, by force, for better or worse, and unified the country. The Brits gave India a common language and left them with a representative form of government. In short, they took a fractured country with literally hundreds of different languages and dialects and unified it. Now India is a nuclear power with a growing technology base.

Like the British left India, it is now time for Microsoft to leave computing. They have done their job. All they do now is corrupt, co-opt, and crush. Microsoft is a convicted monopoly and, still, to this VERY MINUTE, acts like one. Currently, Microsoft is developing a proprietary version of XML. The were slapped for Active-X, their corrupt version of Java. Microsoft's version of TCP/IP is not quite compatible with the ISOC standard. They are unrepentant, arrogant, and antagonistic to the free market. Simple internet searches will reveal reams of data how they have stolen data from companies they partnered with then left them at the alter in tears. They have done everything they can to ensure that the competition is supressed. Dell, a hardware manufacturer, used to have a Linux team. Their job was to ensure that there was Linux support for their hardware. Microsoft didn't like this and wrote a nasty letter. Dell then dismantled the team and "dispersed the talent" at the behest of Microsoft. I know. I was working at Dell, designing hardware, when it happened. I had a good friend on that team.

Once I thought that all the talk about Microsoft wanting to own the net was bunk and set out to prove it. I did research on what companies M$ had bought stock in. I was stunned! It is their goal to own a significant share of every company that exchanges financial data. Yes, it is true. If you send a penny, pound, punt, or rupee over the internet, M$ wants a share of it. Given Microsoft's track record with security, do you really want them having access to your finances?

Microsoft now wants to have you believe that they are security conscious. They have purchased companies that created anti-spyware and anti-virus programs. For now, it is free. At least some level of it is. I expect that they will soon start charging a fee for it. It is a bit like having a realestate agent in the Mafia:

Vinny: Sose, here's youse house. Youse like it?
Me: Yeah! It's great! Thank you Mr. Vinny!
Vinny: Just signs the paper and it's all yours.

Vinny: Now that youse gots this here abode, youse might want to think about your safety.
Me: You said this was a safe neighborhood.
Vinny: Sure. Yeah. And for a small fee I can make sure it stays that way, eh?
Me: ...uh...
Vinny: It would be a shame to have a burglur enter youse house ands steals from ya.
Me: ...uh... ummm....
Vinny: Or worse, your fine new house might catch fire.

So the problem here is that M$ is doing security wrong. Instead of building a house with a fence, gate, and sprinkler system, M$ is selling you a house built of paper and leaving a box of matches in your driveway. The fire extinguiser is free... for now. M$ should address the security of their underlying code instead of offering to sell you security. Where is their incentive to make their product better? There isn't one. Their API is closed so only M$ will eventually be able to write truly effective anti-virus software. Their underlying code is built upon a fundamentally flawed security model. They can never make their software secure without a total rewrite.

The Linux source code and API is there for EVERYONE to see. All people and companies developing for Linux are on equal footing as far as coding to the API. The security model is solid and cracks in it can be fixed quickly. I don't know of any Linux virus. I have heard they exist but have yet to see one or read any reliable source describing one.

Now you know why I am "anti-Microsoft". They have no interest in my wellbeing. They want dominance over me. They want to control my hardware, the way I do business, and who I do business with.
31st-May-2005 05:30 pm (UTC) - and Cartman sings...
I love cheesy poofs, and microsoft

(running away fast)

6th-Jun-2005 10:34 pm (UTC) - Re: and Cartman sings...
cheesy poofs, good. Micro$loth, bad.
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