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Wakum Mata!
Politcally Incorrect Musings
Government Spending 
18th-Jun-2008 12:08 pm
What does the future hold? Check out this "executive level" presentation.

Pay attention to slide three. Did you get that? Do you understand what happened in that chart?


Look at slide four. It shows the same story. The Bush tax cuts increased government revenue. But the war in Iraq kinda wiped that all out. More proof lower taxes raises revenues is on slide 22.

So, for all you "liberals" out there saying we need to raise taxes to pay off the deficit, you are not entirely correct (see slide 34). A small tax increase is probably appropriate, but more than that, what needs to happen is a cut back on entitlements and wasteful spending. A line-item veto power for the President would go far to correct this. Also what would help is congressional term limits so that these career politicians will be gone and people with a sense of civic duty will be put into their place.

Most of you bleeding hearts out there think we should cut defense spending. Guess what? That has already been happening: see slide 15, 16, and 17. All that defense money is being pumped into ever-growing social entitlements and programs (slide 18). That IS what you wanted, wasn't it?

I have a plan. My plan is to spend crazy amounts on defense and put this war to a quick end. We should cut back on social programs. I would slowly get the government's hands OUT of things it has no constitutional mandate to provide (like education, health care, etc.). Next, lower taxes, simplify the tax code (flat rate, maybe), enact policies that grow the economy, and some other things... Those are the biggies.

It sounds crazy, and even radical. But the way things have been run so far and the policies the government has been issuing HAVE ONLY MADE THINGS WORSE. I think it is time to do things differently. Very differently. You can count on Obama, McCain, and whoever else from the "establishment" to be more of the same. You won't see change from them unless that change is the few coins you are left with after they take everything else.

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