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Environmental Catastrophe

May 2008 (globally) was the coldest it has has been since 1992 according to University of Alabama - Huntsville data.

There is a great blog about this data here.

One poster writes:
Allan MR MacRae (00:07:01) :

Hi Anthony,

Based on UAH LT temperature data from ~1980 to end April 2008 and pre-1980 ST data from Hadcrut3, I recently stated that there was no net global warming since ~1940, in spite of an almost 800% increase in humanmade CO2 emissions.

The May 2008 decline of an additional ~0.2C in the UAH global average LT temperature further reinforces this conclusion.

Furthermore, it is clear that CO2 lags temperature at all measured time scales, from ice core data spanning thousands of years to sub-decadal trends.

This data consistently suggests that the sensitivity of global temperature to increased atmospheric CO2 is near-zero, and there is no human-made catastrophic global warming crisis.

Please see

Best regards, Allan

Feel free to crank up your SUV... if you can afford the gasoline.

SIDE RANT: Some people say "Yeah, but Europe is REALLY expensive!" Who gives a damn about what they pay in some other country?!? That's them and NOT the US. Apples and oranges... Socialism and Capitalism... High taxes and low taxes. It is a weak analogy to suggest that our gasoline is cheap because it is so expensive in Europe. Europe is not the USA. What matters is how much gas costs where you live... right now it IS expensive.
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