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Wakum Mata!
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Quotable Sources 
29th-Apr-2008 02:38 pm
WebShare Initiative Announced
April 29th, 2008
by Tom
Today we officially announced the Britannica WebShare program. Regular visitors to this site know all about it, but here’s the press release all the same.

Britannica Opens Site for Free Access to Web Publishers, Linking

CHICAGO, April 29, 2008—Bloggers, webmasters, online journalists and anyone else who publishes regularly on the Internet can now get free subscriptions to Britannica Online (www.britannica.com).

Anyone interested in participating in Britannica’s new WebShare initiative can apply for a free subscription at http://signup.eb.com or get more information at http://britannicanet.com. [...]


Encyclopedia Britannica is free for bloggers. Do you qualify? I have signed up. I'll be happy to have an authoritative source. I hope they give me thumbs up. If they don't then they are obviously staffed by fascists who despise my conservative discourse.
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