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Wakum Mata!
Politcally Incorrect Musings
Save the Planet: Nuke it!! 
17th-Apr-2008 03:39 pm
Save the planet: nuke it all. That's right. In order to save the planet, it needs to be nuked!


Nuked coral reef bounces back
18:30 14 April 2008
NewScientist.com news service
Catherine Brahic

What does a coral reef look like 50 years after being nuked? Not so bad, it seems. Coconuts growing on Bikini Atoll haven't fared so well, however.

Three islands of Bikini Atoll were vapourised by the Bravo hydrogen bomb in 1954, which shook islands 200 kilometres away. Instead of finding a bare underwater moonscape, ecologists who have dived it have given the 2-kilometre-wide crater a clean bill of health. [...]


Nearly 20 years later, Chernobyl has become a model of biodiversity (see section 3.5).

"...many plants and animals have eventually expanded, and the present environmental conditions have had a positive impact on the biota in the Exclusion Zone. Indeed, the Exclusion Zone has paradoxically become a unique sanctuary for biodiversity."

Perhaps Iran is right after all. They are just environmentalists concerned about the future of the world and want to save the planet!

As we celebrate the environment this month, let's do something special to commemorate it. Let's have a global thermonuclear war. It is all for a good cause.

It will save the planet, after all.

18th-Apr-2008 04:18 pm (UTC)
I love the comments under the article!
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