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Wakum Mata!
Politcally Incorrect Musings
Net Neutrality 
16th-Apr-2008 03:19 pm
Wednesday, April 16, 2008 11:30 AM PT Posted by Kajsa Linnarsson

FCC to Hold Public Hearing on Net Neutrality

The debate around network neutrality remains a hot topic of discussion among telecom companies and service providers.

Tomorrow, the Federal Communications Commission will hold its second public hearing on broadband network management practices at Stanford University.

Federal regulators say they are considering taking steps to prevent cable and telephone companies from delaying the downloads and uploads of heavy Internet users. [...]


This is an important hearing. Should internet service providers (ISPs) be able to block access to products that compete with their own? How do you feel about your BitTorrent being throttled?

Right now, your broadband provider is probably a regional monopoly. Very few of us live where we can freely choose our broadband ISP. I have a choice between Cox (the cable company regional monopoly) or Qwest (the telephone regional monopoly).

Monopoly or no, keeping bits and bytes flowing smoothly and quickly takes money. Throttling high bandwidth users makes sense so that there is more bandwidth available for others... however, certain programs, like Skype, could be throttled too, giving favorable bandwidth to your local provider's competing product. What if Microsoft became an ISP? They could throttle query results from Google and thus provide more speed for MSN, for example. That is the essence of net neutrality: all users get fair usage. That is what the big row is over.
17th-Apr-2008 03:13 pm (UTC) - The "Choice" really isn't
And the "Choice" between the two really isn't. Some parts of town can't get Quest at all. Some can't get Cox. Quest DSL top speed is slower than what Cox offers, so if you want HIGH speed, you still have to go with Cox. There is another out there... I can't remember the name but they are Tucson only. You get a "satellite dish" thingy that someone said uses microwaves for your downloads. But it only works with line of site to the main towers, so again you might be out of the area.
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