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Wakum Mata!
Politcally Incorrect Musings
Illegals send home US$Billions 
11th-Mar-2008 10:55 am
Muhommad Caraciture
Flow of migrants’ funds to Latin America slows

By Richard Lapper, Latin America Editor

Published: March 10 2008 21:14 | Last updated: March 10 2008 21:14

Money sent home by Latin American migrant workers in the US grew last year at their slowest rate in a decade, a result of the US economic slowdown and the crackdown against illegal migration, combined with the strength of the Brazilian economy.

A report to be published on Tuesday by the Inter-American Development Bank shows that migrant workers from Latin America around the world sent home $66.5bn (€43.3bn, £33bn) in 2007, 7 per cent more than in 2006 and more than Latin America received from net direct foreign investment and official development assistance. [...]


Migrants (note they do not differentiate between illegal and legal) sent home $66.5Billion in 2007. That is a lot of money that DID NOT BENEFIT the US economy. It left the country. It didn't stay here to purchase goods here. Just one more reason the US economy is in the tank.

Per the article: emigrants from the Andeans to Spain are probably legal immigrants since they cannot just walk to Spain. It is regulated international travel so is likely to be legal. Therefore, yes, it would be easier to set up a bank account. It is also likely to be more expensive, so no, you will not get whole families migrating. Whereas with the Mexicans, all one has to do is walk across the US border with kid in tow.

I am really sick of the whole "poor migrants" thing. Really. These "pro-illegal immigrant" folks in the media obfuscate, lie, and twist words to make an emotional appeal and create the rhetoric to maintain it. If you step back from that and analyze what they are saying, you can see the blatant political agenda.

Don't call them immigrants if they broke the law. They are "illegal immigrants". They are "illegal aliens". They are not law-abiding "legal" residents, visa holders, or even just plain "immigrants". They are criminals and are destroying this country's sovereignty, security, and economy.

I am all for legal immigration. It is a good thing.

This has to end. They (the illegals) are destroying our country while not forcing real change in their own. Mexico has tremendous natural resources, but it will never achieve its full potential so long as the US government and Mexico's act in collusion to maintain a modern form of slavery just so we can have cheap tomatoes and lettuce.
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