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Wakum Mata!
Politcally Incorrect Musings
What if America? 
29th-Jan-2008 12:15 pm
This looked like and interesting proposal. Truly, "what if"?

Feel free to copy and send the text between the lines to anyone you wish.

NOTICE: This letter differs slightly from the original in that I corrected some grammar and spelling errors.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Be a part of it: What if America?

Email: WhatIfAmerica@gmail.com
How much will you pledge to secure our US Mexico Border?

Listen to all 3 hours of the 1/28/08 Jon Justice about "What If America?"

This started on Jan 24th 2008 while I was printing the story of President Bush and Congress agreeing on a stimulus package. Being married with 2 boys I could certainly use the $1800.00 that I will be getting this summer. But then I thought "what if"? What if enough people starting here in Tucson decided to pledge some if not all their Tax Rebate money to secure the AZ Mexico Border? What if word started to spread and more Americans decided to do the same to secure all the of the US Mexico border? What if we sent a message back to our government that said "Since you failed to secure our border, we will do it for you". It would take a one time cost of roughly 3 billion dollars to put the entire fence up. Our government is going to hand the tax payers 150 Billion! A fraction of that could save us billions in Illegal Immigration costs for years to come.

Now how do we do it? Apart from collecting the pledges, how could we actually secure our border? With this kind of money we have lots of options. What if we gave the money to a group like the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps? We could create jobs for people to go and secure our border, put up fencing, vehicle barricades, man power etc. What if we started to hire independent contractors to build a fence where we could. Why use this money to buy products from overseas, when we could create jobs and secure the country at the same time? If enough people pledged enough money what would our own government do? What would the candidates do? If the people of America took the border security in their own hands the problem could no longer be ignored.

This is the first step. Right now the question is "What If America"? What if we could come up with a plan to start down a path to secure the border for our nations future, for our children and their children's future? What if we could ensure that the money will only be used to secure Americas security and will not be given to a government organization?

One major point of concern is the obvious "How do we avoid any fraud'? I believe that the only way is to create a plan for complete transparency. Setting up a single fund for the money to be placed. Maybe using a trusted organization to take the donations once the Tax Rebates are being sent out. Then presenting a plan showing exactly what and where the money will go to those who have made the pledge. At this point the door is open for ideas

How much would you pledge of your government tax rebate to secure the US Mexico Border? This is only a pledge to help, nothing more, nothing binding.Email WhatIfAmerica@gmail.com
We have 6 months to spread the word and find out potentially how many people and how much money we could gather together.

It starts with the actions of very few to make a difference. This is what made our country great. The government is ready to send the people of America a 150 billion dollar blank check. What if the people of these United States used that money to TAKE THE COUNTRY BACK!?

Copy and send this link to as many people as you can:

Spread the word!

Expanding the approved 370 miles of border fence by 1,630 miles at a cost of $2.5 billion would seal the border completely for a one-time cost. Total fencing 1969 miles. All information below are estimates based off of the 2006 US census and various other sources.

One time cost total of between 2.5 and 3 billion to build the whole fence.

1969 miles of fence at a cost of 1.5 million per mile

131 million taxpayers who will receive money from Government this year in rebates =150 billion

Total cost for each taxpayers for a one time cost to build fence = $22.00 Yes only 20 bucks!

Polls show 70% of American public what to see our border secure = 92 million want border fence

Total cost per person for the 92 million who want the fence = $32.00

5.5 million AZ taxpayers

Total cost for entire U.S. fence per AZ taxpayer =$571.00

Total AZ Mexico border miles= 389

Total cost per AZ tax payer to put up 389 miles of AZ mexico fence =$105.00

Total cost per year for tax payers in Arizona because of Illegal Immigrants =$1.3 Billion.


It seems like a neat idea. But putting up fences is hard work. I am thinking prison labor... all those illegals wanted a job? Well, now hey can have one: erecting a fence to keep them out. I love the irony. HA!

Other what ifs come to mind:

What if the US government sold "War Bonds" to provide funding for wars in Iraq and Afghanistan? Then those that TRULY believed in the effort could help fund it. No more emergency funding bills from Congress and the Senate.

What if the government sold a bond for socialized medicine? Then those that truly believed in that could by bonds to fund it.

What if the government reduced the tax rates and then provided bonds as a vehicle to get the extra funding they wanted?
29th-Jan-2008 08:10 pm (UTC)
Nice. It is useful to point out the financial scale of this economic stimulus package.

- What if it went to secure the border? It would be a lot of make-work in CA, AZ, NM, and TX (a stimulus), and would have the benefits you describe above.
- What if it were used to build and man a base on the Moon (Bush's nearly unfunded plan)? It would also be make-work, but the tangible economic benefits would be less visible.
- What if it went to pay down the national debt? Ha Ha Ha. Borrowing from Charlie to pay Charlie.
- What if we put it into building infrastructure for renewable energy, such as Solar-thermal plants that convert Atmospheric CO2 and water into Methanol and Oxygen? In this case I think the benefit would also be great, as reducing our dependence on foreign oil seems like a major step in improving our national security *AND* dropping what I pay to drive and heat my home.

Anyway, I think you are right about there being better ways to spend that money than to just hand it out.

On the otherhand this bond idea is kind of strange. Who would pay off the bonds when they mature?
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