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Wakum Mata!
Politcally Incorrect Musings
Big family weekend 
2nd-Sep-2005 01:06 pm
Originally, my wife announced we'd have a family weekend.
Then she told me her dad was coming down.
Then I get a call from her uncle Dan whom we haven't seen since the wedding.
Then I am told that Ianuk and Ivan are coming down Saturday.

Time to break out the party snacks; the house is gonna be full.

Maybe I'll cook something Russian on Saturday.

Ivan coming over... need more pickled stuff for the vodka and need microbrew beer (or at least Hakker Schoor (sp?) Octoberfest).

Soon as my work-email is done (switched to IMAP from POP so I can download the sent messages, too) I am outta here.

Big project is to get Jumping Jack operational again for Dad's and Dan's amusement.
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