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Wakum Mata!
Politcally Incorrect Musings
The Colors... So beautiful... 
24th-May-2005 07:08 pm
The sky is colored... The light coming in the windows... I turned off the lights in the house to watch.

It is like a large rose colored filter has covered the sun. A colored gel over the brightest limelight. All is hues of orange and red. The sun sets and the colors grow richer, deeper. It is so beautiful. To the east, the clouds are deep pink and lavender hues.

The full moon will drain color from the most vibrant and the sun will give it all possible ranges of tints and hues.

The colors are turning more blue now as the reds deepen. The neigbor's white stucco has become a pale pastel puce.


I am in awe.
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