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Wakum Mata!
Politcally Incorrect Musings
Just a thought about illegals 
11th-Sep-2007 12:31 pm
I was perusing the news feeds and came across the following:

Associated Press
IRS May Lose Billions Through Bad IDs
By JIM ABRAMS 09.11.07, 2:48 PM ET

WASHINGTON - The Internal Revenue Service may be losing hundreds of millions of dollars because it won't spend the time and money to match millions of income statements with incorrect or missing identification numbers to existing tax accounts, an IRS watchdog said Tuesday. [...]

That got me thinking: is the IRS *really* losing money? There are millions of illegal immigrants with falsified social security numbers. Employers are using those numbers and even taking that money out and sending it to the government. Maybe the IRS isn't supposed to scrutinize those taxpayer IDs too closely.

I could be wrong, but isn't all that social security money something the illegals can never collect? I didn't think they could apply for social security benefits as it might call attention to their lawbreaking status. I wonder how much that is in tax revenue...

Could this money be the reason that the US government is so loathe to protect its own borders? Is the US deficit in such bad shape that the US government is depending on cheating illegal immigrants?

I need to research this some more.

(you heard it here first!!!)
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