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Wakum Mata!
Politcally Incorrect Musings
Instant Messaging New User Guide 
26th-Aug-2005 04:04 pm

Common IM Acronyms that I have compiled

There are a plethora of acronyms used in the instant messaging world. This is a short list of acronyms you might see when chatting with other IM users:

^5high five
afaicas far as I'm concerned
afaictas far as I can tell
afaikas far as I know
afkaway from keyboard
a/s/lage, sex, location
asapas soon as possible
atmat the moment
bakback at keyboard
bbiabbe back in a bit
bbiafbe back in a few (minutes)
bblbe back later
bbsbe back soon
bfoblinding flash of the obvious
bitmtbut in the meantime
botback on topic
brbbe right back
bsodblue screen of death
btwby the way
c4nciao for now
ciaoItalian for goodbye
crscan't remember s***
ctrncan't talk right now
cusee you
culsee you later
cul8rsee you later
cwotcomplete waste of time
cyasee ya
dhtbdon't have the bandwidth
dityiddid I tell you I'm distressed?
diydo it yourself
eodend of discussion
f2fface to face
faqfrequently asked questions
fbowfor better or worse
foaffriend of a friend
foclfalling off chair laughing
fubarf***ed up beyond all recognition
fwiwfor what it's worth
fyafor your amusement
fyifor your information
/gago ahead
g2ggot to go
galget a life
gbtwget back to work
gfcgoing for coffee
gfetegrinning from ear to ear
gmtagreat minds think alike
gmtagreat minds think alike
gr&dgrinning, running, and ducking
gtggot to go
gtgttbrgot to go to the bathroom
gtrmgoing to read mail
handhave a nice day
hhokHa! Ha! Only kidding!
hthhope this helps
iacin any case
iaein any event
iamin a meeting
ianalI am not a lawyer
icI see
idgiI don't get it
ihmbI hate my boss
imcoin my considered opinion
imhoin my humble opinion
imnshoin my not so humble opinion
imoin my opinion
impein my personal experience
imvhoin my very humble opinion
iottmcointuitively obvious to the most casual observer
iowin other words
irlin real life
ispinternet service provider
iykwimif you know what I mean
j/kjust kidding
jicjust in case
kisskeep it simple, stupid
kmakiss my a**
ldlater dude
lollaugh out loud
lmaolaughing my a** off
lmbolaughing my butt off
morfmale or female
mtcwmy two cents worth
n/mnever mind
n/pno problem
nrnno reply necessary
oAoover and out!
oicoh, I see
ollonline love
omgoh my god
onnaoh no not again
oobout of band
osoperating system
otohon the other hand
ottomhoff the top of my head
owwoops, wrong window!
otfon the floor
otpon the phone
pcpersonal computer
pitapain in the a**
povpoint of view
puthat stinks
rehihello again (re-Hi)
roflrolling on floor laughing
rotflrolling on the floor laughing
rotflmaorolling on the floor laughing my a** off
rotflmborolling on the floor laughing my butt off
rotfrolling on the floor
rsnreal soon now
rtdoxread the documentation/directions
rtfmread the friendly manual
ruokare you okay
slapsounds like a plan
snafusituation nornal: all fouled up
sosignificant other
sols*** outta luck
solsmiling out loud
stfushut the f*** up
tafnthat's all for now
tanstaaflthere ain't no such thing as a free lunch
teotwawkithe end of the world as we know it
tiathanks in advance
tlathree-letter arconym
tlk2ul8rtalk to you later
tmkto my knowledge
tosterms of service
tptbthe powers that be
tswctell someone who cares
ttbomkto the best of my knowledge
ttfnta ta for now
ttyltalk to you later
ttyl8rtalk to you later
twimcto whom it may concern
tythank you
tymthank you much
urlweb page address (universal resource locator)
wbwelcome back
wfmworks for me
wrtwith regard to
wtfwhat the f***?!
wtgway to go!
wuwhat's up?
wwwworld wide web
wysiwygwhat you see is what you get
ymmvyour mileage may vary
ywyou're welcome

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