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Wakum Mata!
Politcally Incorrect Musings
26th-Apr-2007 04:03 pm
I am not liking my new format. It doesn't have the depth of my regular news posts. I guess I'll have to be more selective in the future.



--> Google is not so helpful when it comes to user data.


--> Practical fusion is always just so close. "Just a little more time. Just a little more money. We'll get it. We're almost there!"


--> If it works there, expect it to be used here. Probably not in public areas, but at your place of work.


--> But Mr. President Zebari, the US Democrats DON'T CARE ABOUT YOU. They care about being in power.


--> A slam-dunk analysis on Anti-Americanism abroad.


--> and the Dems want to scuttle the effort before success is realized. Perhaps they are afraid that it is actually working? That would make them look bad. Bush being a success? Heaven forfend!


--> That is so cool!!! Good for him! Too bad it is not actually space, but a "vomit comet". But, good on yer, Sir Richard, for making sure Stevo gets a seat on VG.


--> Wow. Seems like the only thing the guy didn't do was roll a grenade into a tent.


--> They were probably sold on the black market as macabre night lights.


--> Why spend the effort and money to write a bill that you know will not be passed? Politics. The Dems are playing politics with the security of this nation, the lives of its citizens, lives of military personnel, and the welfare of the nation of Iraq. All because they want power.


--> If a smallish and highly localized terrorist group like the Tamil Tigers are operating out of the US, then what does that make you think of a large and better organized global reaching terrorist organization like al-Qaida? This "pull out of Iraq" strategy is looking worse and worse.


--> Ah geez. Sounds like they took a clue from the Twin Tower attack.


--> Of course. It gives them something else to tax.


--> Investment ideas.


--> Apparently, blowing up abortion clinics is okay since it kills adults. Huh? How do the violent anti-abortion activists reach that conclusion? Doesn't killing the pregnant mother that would kill her unborn child kill the child, too? Truly, their logic must be dizzying.


--> Rhetoric. I have yet to see the Democrats actually lower taxes. Don't believe this for a moment. They are looking to screw the American public out of their hard earned pay in other devious ways. Maybe they will change how the AMT gets applied, but they will raise the overall rates across the board and roll back the VERY REAL tax cuts implemented by the Bush Administration.


--> My engineering side wants to point and laugh. My tin-foil hat side is about read to put a masking tape "X" in my window.


--> And if our planetary neighbors were more Earth-like at one time, their planetary environmental devastation WAS NOT CAUSED BY MAN.


--> Putin is starting to make me really nervous.
26th-Apr-2007 11:25 pm (UTC)
Observation. You tend to put a lot of links on your posts. I find myself skimming over these news listings and feel that I should tell you. It seems to me that you want to inform people of various Political, economic, computer issues. But with the majority of the people snatching quick looks at lj while they work, they don't have the time to go review all these links.
Not that I don't like your posts, but I feel like you are putting a lot of work into this and it possible not having the effect you desire.
I post this to start a discussion if nothing else.
26th-Apr-2007 11:40 pm (UTC)
Agreed... also, cut tags! Your posts instantly make me skim to the next LJ friend. Maybe group the topics by cut tag, that way we can skip to the bits we want to see first, be it political or technological. :)
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