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Wakum Mata!
Politcally Incorrect Musings
25th-Apr-2007 04:57 pm

--> You see what I meant about federal employees? And Hillary wants THEM in charge of government IT?!!


--> Too funny... until it happens to you.


--> Google has your Google browsing history. Really. They do. If you visited a site using Google, they know about it and you can see it. Before you run off screaming, at least Google allows you to see what data they have on you unlike other search engines. Google even gives you the option to delete it.


--> The miniseries "White Dwarf" comes to mind but with a red sun.


--> Great. Took a long time getting to this point. Weren't they supposed to be doing this already?!!


--> Good advice. Hopefully it will never apply to me. I am tired of playing job hopscotch.


--> ...and if the gal in the picture is there, I will DEFINITELY be returning to the gym regularly.


--> Microsoft gets hit with a .NET patent infringement. MS infringing on a patent? Say it isn't so! They'd never do that! But the larger point here is that the case is being filed in Eastern Texas where the filer is often given favor. So what? Well, if the justice system worked as it was supposed to, then would it matter where you filed a case? Shouldn't all courts treat all cases of a particular type the same all over? This brings up questions of "equal protection". Is it really equal protection if courts are not uniform in how they treat cases?


--> I'd be "working from home" a lot if I had one of those.


--> SPANK!


--> This has happened before. In fact, neighboring cities in China are mad at each other claiming the other is "stealing" their rain. [link]


--> They claim "Almighty God" guided them. Yeah. I'll bet their "God" has horns on his head and carries a pitchfork.


--> [ /me bows deeply to Mr. Dobbs ] A most intelligent article on illegal aliens.


--> Harry Reid says he won't engage in a name-calling match then in the same sentence calls Dick Cheney a "dog". That sure says a lot about his hypocrisy
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