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Wakum Mata!
Politcally Incorrect Musings
24th-Apr-2007 04:13 pm

--> What do you know?! California did something right!


--> Get ready to update your Apple QuickTime software. A serious flaw in it could allow someone to hack your system.


--> Good news for Vonage as they will not likely go out of business due to the lower court's ruling. However, it could set a poor precedent for patent enforcement.


--> More nukes is good news.


--> I wonder if this guy read the EULA. It probably has some disclaimer saying thet they (NVidia) are not responsible. This kind of crap does not bode well for the industry as it will present a barrier for people trying to develop software. If it crashes, then you might get sued. It is not possible to produce something with zero defects and that works across all possible computer hardware and software configurations.


--> Yes. The US needs to get out of Iraq. We are interfering with al-Qaida's plans. Save us Harry Reid! Save us! [traitor bastage]


--> Yeah... missiles. It is the only way to be sure.


--> so your computer crashes because the OS allows a website to change how your computer operates via your browser. Uh... how about just disabling that feature? Why is that not even an option? And how about that statement saying Vista is safe just hooked into the Net in its default configuration. Gah! How many bot nets have to be created before Microsoft is forced to implement real security?


--> We are winning in Afghanistan. We have been there longer than Iraq. We need more time in Iraq so the win will be more decisive and obvious.


--> Want a tech job? Web 2.0 is the way to go.


--> Ah. The dream of the socialist party: people begging the government to assume greater power over their lives. Do you want cheap food or healthy food? And how about killing off some wild pigs which were the source of the contamination?


--> Probably replaced for not banning enough books.


--> Good advice for a business and for any project you are working on. This can easily be adapted to finding a job: Your business is finding employment and the product you sell is you, for example.


--> Subnote from CNN: heroism in the field is not allowed otherwise it might promote the war in Iraq. This unallowable as we are a liberal-socialist media outlet. Deconstruct until it give the US a black eye.



--> Nothing new here. Ahmadinejad is an ass. Status quo.


--> Check out if your funds are underperformers


--> So China is more interested in support a fascist regime than promoting peace and democracy.... Recall Tienanmen Square and you'll not be surprised that China would be worried about breaking ties with Sudan.


--> No place is safe anymore. Even the big legitimate sites can pass along trojans.


--> You need never delete a file again. Oh good GAWD! How much longer can it be before we start measuring price/performance using terabytes? Uh oh... I forgot. Microsoft now has new bloat space for their malware OS. So... eh, how does one back up a terabyte of data?


--> Wow. I like this bit: "Here's a tip for liberals and those who play them on TV: If you're trying to come off as more enlightened than the next guy, it helps not to mimic the very behavior you're going out of your way to condemn." As far as wetbacks go, to me those have ALWAYS been the illegal aliens. All those who enter the US legally have ALWAYS been referred to as Mexicans. US citizens of Spanish decent I refer to, and always have, as Hispanic. I didn't know the use of "wetback" was condemned speech these days. Sheesh. The world changed and I missed it. What if white people ever got upset at being called "honkey" or "cracker"? Apparently it is politically correct to say that, though, especially if you are Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton. According to the Politically Correct protocols, only white people can be racists. If you are a Republican, you don't even have to speak; the racist label is automatic (never mind that it was the Republicans that passed the Civil Rights Act that was opposed to by Democrats).


--> I like his thinking. Yeah... It takes a few shots, but once you penetrate the skull, the 22 round will bounce around in the cranial cavity giving your opponent a poor-man's lobotomy. Yup. Sure will. That reminds me... I think I need to add eggs to the grocery list.


--> Here's to hoping we get Hoppy..


--> And yet, the Kyoto Protocol treaty would ALLOW them to do this.
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