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Wakum Mata!
Politcally Incorrect Musings
Today's news 
23rd-Apr-2007 04:17 pm
UPDATE: fixed some spelling and added link to comment


--> Expect to see ads for lawsuits to appear on the TV. "Eat organic." Indeed.


--> Not good news for AMD. I would really hate to see them get bought out. The purchase of the graphics chip maker ATI has not done them good.


--> Slime-bag goes to jail. A happy ending.


--> "Heaven forfend that they see a woman's ankle!" Such is the moral standard of those that wish to impose their religion on the world. No. It isn't the Christians - it is the Islamo-fascists. And some of you thought the greatest threat to women was Christianity. HA! How about a REAL religious threat from someone who just wants to KILL you because you don't convert?


-->You mean I missed my chance for a free sample of sex lube?! Dangit!


--> and if you spill your drink on it, you get electrocuted! Comes with a rechargeable 25 pound lead-acid battery in its own high-fashion carrying bag!


--> So Bolton was doing a great job and was effective, but people didn't like his attitude? Wah. Bunch of whiners. We needed strength to deal with the U.N. not a pandering "glad-hander". Will Zal actually have the ability to get the U.S agenda to the forefront and ensure the U.N. follows through on its resolutions?


--> Oh, goody. It won't be long before China has their own internet that is not connected to any of the rest of the world.


--> The UAC sounds a lot like the Unix style account setup. Vista, unlike Unix, can still determine what programs a user can run. In Unix, if you want to run a user executable program and want to be sure it is the right one, you can type the full path on a command line. But that is only ONE way it can be guaranteed a user gets the right program. A Unix admin can even control certain configuration files that make sure the paths to program cannot be changed. "Those who do not understand Unix are condemned to reinvent it, poorly." - Henry Spencer


--> But China will get a pass from the international community as they are considered a "developing nation". Notice how close China is to losing enough farmland to begin having a famine. China is anti-Western and so are the terrorist states they are supplying with nuclear and missile technology [China's Supply of Nuclear Reactors to Pakistan, U.S. catches China transferring WMD tech to Iran]. China also needs to fear the Islamic terrorists, but they both have an ideological foe in common: the West. I am seeing an "enemy-of-my-enemy" scenario building up. Regular readers of my blog will know how I feel about China and the USA's dependency on it for just about everything.


-->Reid is a traitorous bastage. A certain scene from the movie "300" comes to mind. The Democrats are missing the larger issue. We need to be ready to go after Iran. If we have a significant force already in place, we can contain Iran on a moment's notice. The IEDs in Iraq will then suddenly stop and the country will stabilize. Iran will no longer have nuke capability and Syria will back down and capitulate with The West fearing they will be invaded, too. The Persian empire falls again and the world will be safer.

Reid does not understand the issue. Vietnam was not a terrorist state. It was a Communist overthrow. When the US pulled out, the killings began. If we yank out, there will be killing fields all over again and the terrorist will expand their sphere of terror and attack the US on US soil with near impunity.

The only ones in a state of denial are the Democrats.


--> I want this book... uh.. and the one on grammar.


--> But what they don't tell you is how many players are out there. The PS3 is a Blu-ray player and can be used to watch movies. It has to be added into the mix.


--> I so very much want this to be true. Then you can run your games under Linux! Woot! It would also point out more lies of the Microsoft Monopoly [U.S. v. Microsoft: Court's Findings of Fact]


--> Oh, Jesus. The courts fail our children again. I remember seeing this on the news.


--> Wow. Looks like a lot of Chinese companies. Wanna see who else is on the trade ban list? Look here [The Denied Persons List, Lists To Check]


--> Riiiiiiight.


--> Federal contractors are necessary. Removing them, ESPECIALLY from tech positions, makes us reliant upon the government's own tech resources, which, as we have seen time and again, are not even close to being up for the job. Quite often, The Government becomes the employer of last resort. Many of the lowest common denominator can't make it in the private sector. They join a union and become a federal employee. This is not to say that federal employees are all twits. I have known some very able ones. But most are NOT able-minded and are there to securely earn a paycheck for the rest of their lives not doing much of anything but adding to the bureaucracy.


--> Maybe they will have the funding to go ahead and build that theme park in Phoenix, AZ now.


--> I am so sick of this "Global Warming" religious dogma. That is what it is. Global Warming - as caused by man - is not scientifically sound. Good luck getting funding if you contradict the high priests of Global Warming. Here it is again "we need more government intervention! More government intrusion and the abdication of civil and human rights! Let's go worship the Earth now and hug a tree!"

I want a clean environment. It is not about global warming, but about quality of life. If I ever buy a hybrid, it is not to lower my carbon footprint, but because I want to improve the air quality. I mean, who wants to breath nasty polluted air? Look at Houston, Dallas, LA, and New York! They have days where they suggest you stay at home due to pollution and have smog alerts. Even the air in Denver, CO stinks now. Let's all get off this global warming kick and call it what it really is: a quality-of-life issue.


--> But other boroughs and suburbs could make money through parking and transportation services. Its the price of living in the big city. It is also how the super wealthy can separate themselves from us swarthy masses.


--> I really need to learn more about this stuff.




24th-Apr-2007 01:40 pm (UTC)
Damn, I have paid no attention to what AMD is doing, for the past year or two. Probably ought to, since my Roth IRA is invested solely in AMD stock. (Don't get me wrong, the most I've paid for shares was about $8, the lowest was $3.something, so it's not like I'm going to take a loss anytime soon ... but, damnit, why didn't I sell when it was $42? Oh, right, because I wasn't paying attention. Dumbass.)
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