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Wakum Mata!
Politcally Incorrect Musings
20th-Apr-2007 08:39 pm
A little something different with the news this time. I just have so much to process and so little time to post. I am just going to have to take a shortcut on this.

Government Agencies Wide Open To Attack

--> This is evident also when your legislature passes asinine laws like DMCA. The government just doesn't understand computers and now WE are paying the price for electing ignorance to office.

The Movie that Motivated Cho?

--> The author, Richard Corliss, starts off well, in pointing out that violent movies didn't turn all that saw them in to psychopathic killers. He doesn't say it, but perhaps it is the mentally unstable that are drawn to copying the violence in films and games? Maybe? Hmm? Then Mr. Corliss loses it. He finishes with an anti-gun message and forgets all about the fact that Cho was a nutter bent on murder. The gun was merely the tool of choice. Cho could have used a machete, or a bow and arrow, or poison. But a gun allows the criminal mental and physical distance from the act of evil and gives awesome destructive power in a small package. If Cho had access to hand grenades, he would have used them, you betcha. If there were no guns, Cho would have used something else. He was a nutter bent on evil and nothing would have stopped that.

Tainted food kills 30 South African dogs

--> Yup. China purposely poisoned their foodstuffs to get a higher protein rating. "Oh, it was industrial and not meant for food". Right. And the industrial use for gluten is ...?

Sega Preps 4 More for Wii VC

--> Oh HELL yeah!!! I absolutely love Kid Chameleon and Toe Jam and Earl!!! I sooo need a Wii. Now, please. Hey! Nintendo! What's up with the shortage?

Adjustable Breast Implants

--> Dang. I was hoping for something I could adjust nilly-willy. "Gee honey, how about going DDD tonight?"

Mother forced toddlers to fight

--> My God. What were they thinking?! If I was that husband, I would have her out of the house so fast the door wouldn't hit her in the ass. If she wanted to see the kids, then all visits would be supervised and she'd NEVER get to have them overnight.

China family protests as home torn down

--> If you think something similar to this won't happen in the US, you are wrong. Thank you Supreme Court Justice Souter. If our economy heats up, expect to see developers go on a construction rampage under the guise of eminent domain.

Fun in the Sun: Solar-powered Bikini Charges Your Mobile

--> Sounds like a fashion designer has too much time on his hands.
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