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Wakum Mata!
Politcally Incorrect Musings
Career Strategists 
22nd-Feb-2007 12:24 pm
When I was unemployed for a year I looked everywhere I could for strategies, help, and of course, employment. One thing I did was sign up for a newsletter from Career Strategists.

The latest one has some interesting information whether you are employed or not. Here is an excerpt:


As with any new venture or business, the start-up phase is intense. It's easy to go into "fear mode" at the site of mounting expenses. And, it's easy to jump on the "gotta work harder" train or the "output equals results" motorcycle to try and quell these fears.

However, having played with the concept of work pace and work flow for years, I've stumbled across some interesting insights I'd love to share.

I've found that the noiser things around me become (work demands, home/family demands), the more important it is for me to become QUIET and reflective before moving forward.

When we're pulled so far outside of our center, our wisdom, our intuitive guidance -- we become highly reactive (to our environment and to others) rather than thoughfully responsive. We feel like everyday is "a race," instead of a journey. We become ineffective and overly action-oriented, rather than wise and selective regarding what we focus our time/energy on. And, perhaps worst of all, our bodies pay the price because we are living in a constant "flight or fight" adrenaline state.

Some of the ways, I get "quiet" when things around me become really busy and chaotic, include:
*Carving out time on my calendar for a personal life/career planning day or retreat (ideally doing these 4 times/year)

*Scheduling "downtime" on my calendar months in advance: vacations with family, Fridays off when I can, etc.

*Creating a nurturing, aesthetically pleasing work environment that helps me approach my tasks in a calm and orderly fashion.

*Surrounding myself with visual "anchors" that remind me of who I am and how I approach my work/life (i.e. intention statements, vision maps, photographs/visuals).

*Scheduling blocks of time during my week to reflect on what projects/opportunities most need my attention at this time (rather than just barrelling through my to-do list).

*Building in time during my week for walks in nature, exercise, visits with friends who nourish me and time for plain old fashioned "fun"!!!! (Even when I'm swamped!)

*Developing a "work creed" for HOW I want to approach and experience work and working relationships day-in, day-out.

Next time you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, overworked and overcommitted, I encourage you to get quiet. Be still. And reflect on "how" you want to work.

I am forty-one years old (and a recovering perfectionist/overachiever), three years away from the age my father was when he had his first heart attack at age 44.

I can FEEL how short our time on this planet is. And I have a very clear sense that "how I live/work" is just--as if not more --important than "what I accomplish."

Many of you have shared how you are enjoying the mind/body principles highlighted in the popular movie "The Secret, " www.thesecret.tv and have been playing with how your thoughts impact your daily experiences.

The principles outlined in this documentary-type film are very much in alignment with the concept I'm addressing. The idea that whatever we focus our attention on grows, is a powerful one and motivation enough for many of us to make some much-needed shifts.

Let me know how I can support you on your journey. You will be in my thoughts. :) Warmly, Renee

"Through your thoughts, you are constantly creating. But, the question becomes 'what are you creating?' And, do you want to create consciously or unconsciously? The choice is yours." Anonymous


Renee Trudeau always had some sort of positive thought or way of looking at things that made my situation (unemployed with children and a house payment) not seem so worrisome. Unfortunately, Renee was not able to find me employment, but she did chase a monkey or two off my back.
23rd-Feb-2007 01:24 am (UTC)
That's actually a very good plan for things other than 'work'. I'm gonna add it to my 'memories'.
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