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Wakum Mata!
Politcally Incorrect Musings
Global Warming 
7th-Feb-2007 04:43 pm
From a Business Week article comes this telling quote from Al Gore:
"Emerging economies such as China are justified in holding back on fighting greenhouse gas emissions until richer polluters like the United States do more to solve the problem."

That should tell you all you need to know about the green-movement's view of the United States. They hate the USA and would love to see the most successful experiment in democracy in the history of the world fail. They want to see the ideological and economic foes (not just competitors, but FOES) of the USA succeed.

Let's learn a bit about Global Warming and thermohaline circulation, shall we?

First, you should know about the Atlantic Ocean currents and the thermal feedback cycle. There is a large current that cycles from the southern hemisphere to the north. It brings warm water (a relative term) from the south up north towards Canada. Fresh water in the Arctic causes this current to divert into Europe. This causes warmer weather in the arctic regions causing the ice to melt and then more warmer weather. Once the area has lost enough ice, the fresh water has weakened the flow of the north-going Atlantic current. This causes cooling. The ice reforms. This cycle has happened four times over the last 400,000 years.

Were there aerosols and human-made CO2 400,000 years ago? No. The melting icecaps are perfectly normal.

If global warming is really happening, then why is there increased ice flow in the Antarctic? It is not due to anthropogenic CO2.

Read About the "Global Warming Snow job".

And Don't trust what you read in the papers. They can't make up their minds if we are going to freeze or burn.

I am all for conservation. Recycling is a GOOD thing. Not wasting electricity or fuel is a GOOD thing. However, Global Warming is all about political power and money. It is about controlling what you do and how you live. It is about lowering your standard of living to the point of dependency on The State. It is about turning the USA into a socialist oligarchy... but that is a topic for another upcoming post.
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